Friday, November 9, 2007

What can I say?

So today was Friday. It was pretty fun. I decided to walk to the post office after all and send of my post cards. This morning was pretty nice, and I was so excited to not be freezing. The post office went well, and the guy who worked there, and I semi understood each other. Well then I took my bus to Songpa. I was going to exchange my money, but I guess I have to have my passport. Oh these rules in other countries. Whatever. I walked past the chicken stand and my best friend wasn't there. Well I didn't see him at first. There was someone else there, and then I saw my best friend. We tried talking, but I had no idea what he was saying, and I just smiled. I have only bought chicken from him once, and it just about killed me, but we have a bond. What can I say? I left this morning without eating so I went, and grabbed a bagel. Mmm how I do love bagels. I ran into my boss, and we went back to the office together. We did some work of course, and got a lot done in my opinion. We left the office later that evening to go and get dinner. It had rained! Ugh I was so happy that this day had been semi warm, and now it was cold from the rain. Brr! For dinner we went to this little restaurant that I walk by everyday. We had mongoo, and kimbap. It was just pot stickers(with barely any meat. Mostly spinach), and a sushi roll looking thing, but with just all veggies. They were both really good. I was kinda surprised I didn't think I would like the kimbap. I am getting really good at chopsticks people! I only dropped one mongoo. What can I say? I had the guy who was running the restaurant take a picture of Heejung and I. He said that he recognized me because he see's me walk by his restaurant everyday. I laughed because he 1. knew who I was, and 2. he was glad to meet the mystery meegook. Class went good tonight. We had a small class, but it went really well and the time just flew. I like ran to my bus stop to try and catch my bus. Well when I got there my bus driver wasn't even there, but the bus was running. I got on despite the weirdness. 5 minutes later my driver came strolling out of the convenient store. Apparently he needed some snackage. What can I say? Busses do whatever they want here. So on my walk home I was just minding my business as always. Well I was just about home, and I walked past the same corner store that I always do. I was stopped by one of the three guys who I always see, but don't pay attention to because the three of them are always talking amongst themselves. Lets make a long story short. He told me that he hides from me every time I pass, I was BEA-utiful, and then made me repeat what he was saying in Korean. I did. When I asked him what it meant he told me that it means "I love you"! What can I say? I was tricked into saying I love you! Haha I didn't know what to say so I told him I had to go home because I was cold, and I was going to freeze. He asked my name and told me his was Brian. I would like to just go on the record that he wasn't bad looking either. I thought it was great that he had an American name. He said okay good night I love you. Tee-hee I thought it was so funny....okay hilarious! I now have a potential husband. Yes! What can I say? Korea has been nice to me. Over all today was a good day. I saw my best friend, had a bagel, and found out I am in love....well kinda. What can I say?
Me & Heejung at dinner

Me & the Streets of Seoul


BrittanyB said...

thats hilarious! I can just picture some little Korean dude hiding around a corner peaking out at you ;)Let's just hope he doesn't go stalker on you!

Cuatro's Mom said...

Hey, can I be a bridesmaid? Do I have to go to Korea for the wedding?