Monday, November 12, 2007

Lunes (Sit down meal!)

Well today I went to Costco in the morning. I was so excited. I got the things that I think will get me through for a while. I didn't notice it there, but I mostly got breakfast foods. Oh well I eat at the school 4 nights a week so I can figure out something else for the others. My big purchase I would have to say was Honey Nut Cheerios. I have never in my life been so excited to see a bee. No joke. Anyways I came home, and slept. For some reason I am starting to not feel good again, but I refuse to get sick here so whatever this is needs to go away. Work was fun today. I didn't really have much to do so I spent a lot of time looking at things that I want to do this week, and before I go definitely. I have picked out a few things. It makes me laugh that almost everything in my tourist book is a mall of some sort. I also took the time to respond to some e-mails. If you got one I would like recognition. I need Brittany's email and she is being a slacker so I am calling her out on my blog. Brittany stop being lame and send me you e-mail. You know how to reach me. Anyways. In the midst of all of my Korean places to go madness I noticed that a lot of restaurants serve you while you sit on the floor. If they are in my magazine they are way expensive and I vote against having to pay a crazy amount of money for food while you sit on the ground. Well I told Heejung that I wanted to go somewhere, and sit on the floor. You know experience something new, and we did. It was fun. We had to take off our shoes before going into the actual restaurant which I thought was odd, but it's their culture. Even the people who served us weren't wearing shoes. heejung kept showing me how to sit I think like a lady would. After about 5 minutes of the lady business my feet were asleep, and I just couldn't take it. The dinner was good. Some kind of soup. The man brought me some wooden chopsticks because he said they were easier. Whatever I showed him. I ate the whole time with the metals one. They were the round one's tonight and it makes it harder especially with noodles, but it was worth it. I really wanted to use the wood one's but I'm solider....well kinda. It was so much fun. I had a total photo shoot just because. I think the people in the restaurant thought I was crazy, but that's okay. I am starting to get used to that look. I have to say that eating while sitting on the floor is pretty fun once you get past the burning of your sleeping feet. So class was fun. Everyone in the class showed, and we had a really good time. I walked to the bus stop after and got there right in time. Good because I was cold, and I don't like not being able to feel my hands because its cold. That's just lame. Well I walked the normal way home, and didn't see my bf at all. Darn I was so looking forward to it(totally sarcasm). Once I was home I decided to do this face mask thing. Let me tell you Korean masks are killer. I think I might have cried. 15 minutes wasn't going by fast enough. My skin is baby bottom soft now though. Well I am off!
Sitting down

Our Soup

Yeah I owned those chopsticks

It was all good!

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Twylla Gibbens said...

You make me smile. I am so glad that you are enjoying the whole experiance, chop sticks and all.