Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bargain Shopper

Wednesday's are my off day's and as of Tuesday night I had no plans. So this morning I decided to look inside my great little book of places to visit while in Seoul. I picked out this street Market called to go to, and get some shopping done, and out of the way. So I spent the first part of the morning getting ready, and getting dressed, and talking to Mom, and Grandma on skype. Well I was killing day light so I hung up and off I went. Well when I got there it was so exciting! There were people every where, and a ton of shops. I just saw a little strip so I thought that I would be able to hit everything. Well around the first corner was this little scarf shop that had the best scarfs I have seen the whole time in Korea no joke they were great. The lady at the shop kept trying to sell me stuff, but I still wanted to look around. I told her that it was going to be a gift, and she started showing me all of these different types of scarfs, and saying "good for mother good for grandma good for sister good for friend!" she was relentless. So I told her I would come back with not a lot of intention's on doing so. After I turned the corner saw it. The Mecca of Bargain shopping. It was crazy! Streets and streets full of stores. Knock stuff, souvenirs, shoes, clothes, and so much more! It was pretty amazing. Well in my book it said that this street was known for it's good natured haggling, and bargaining, and that it was. I don't think that I bought one thing for what it was on sale for. I am very pleased with my bargaining skills. There was also a mass of Christmas stores. It was hilarious! Korean, and English version's of Christmas songs played loudly. To say the least it was music to my ears, and made me laugh at all the craziness. Well the best purchase of the day for me would have to had been the purse that I got. It's all beaded, and crazy made in Korea, and hand made. Costs 20000 won, and I got it for 17000 or 18000. That lady was a tough cookie, but I got her in the end. Well the further into the market I got the more I realized everything looked the same! I had no idea where I was! I pretty much walked around in the different direction's until I finally found where I was. It was a relief because it was getting dark outside, and I don't like to be lost in the dark. To many scary movies start out that way. I should start leaving bread crumbs behind to help me find my way back. I past the stand with the lady who I told I would come back well I walked past and she ran out and pulled me back. Well I felt bad just walking away so I made a purchase. It was great though got that price lowered too. So I made a ton of random people take pictures of me some good some not so good, but I did it for you. Don't think for one second I didn't get pictures next the Christmas stores, and the Santa Claus playing the Saxophone. I think that people think that I am crazy for stopping them to take pictures of me, but what can ya do? One day someone is just going to take my camera, and run, and take all of my memories with them, but I hope not because then I would have to pull out my ninja skills and whoop some(Jeff Heminway & Kacey Kennington that one was for you guys). I left there feeling good about my purchases, and leaving a sucessful bargain shopper. Whil I did bargain I spent more money than I would have liked to. For this I blame Brynne for not giving me another option, stacy for not answering her phone, and Mom & Grandma for supporting me in my brilliant idea to go shopping. Well after my day of shopping/getting lost I went to dinner. It was about 6 and all I had to eat all day was a bowl of cheerios. I was a little hungry so I went to the one place I knew I could get food, and enjoy it. Since Grandma's house is in California I settled for TGI Fridays. They were great. All of the staff kept coming over just to say hi. It made me laugh. I also loved all of the crazy outfits, and hat's that they were wearing. Since TGI Fridays is in the COEX I went, and looked around in there. I picked up some crazy necklace that say something in Korean. I don't know what it means, but I think it's off the chain. Well it's late, and I still have to watch the Princess Diaries Dos, and I feel good about it because once again I am a successful bargain shopper. Tomorrow work, and lunch with Sister Residori. Peace&Love!
Just pure madness(just giving you an idea of what I was up against)

Well this would have been good if that guy wouldn't have been all up in my business

just the best place ever

Christmas store #1432

so many Christmad tree's

She was just so darn cute!


BrittanyB said...

love the christmas stores! and Thad is proud of your haggling skills.

Sherri Nelson said...

Good job bargain hunting Alexis! -- I am proud of you -- I know that you must have had a lot of fun shopping! Take care -- Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Geez, I never though my sister would begin to bargain. I got something for ya, try gambling! Anyway, i just read your blog, you are so funny, especially that part about the one place you could eat and be comfortable. I liked your pictures, but you didn't have the one with Santa playing the saxaphone, you LIAR! Well, i hope that everything goes ok, and I want you to know that I love you.
-Adam, your awesome brother!

Twylla Gibbens said...

I wish I could have gone shopping with you it sounded like so much fun. I love the pictures, your so cute.

Dad said...

Hi Lex,
Your shopping experience sounded like so much fun. Oh please bring us home one of those Christmas trees--preferrably the purple neon one. Love Dad