Thursday, November 8, 2007

Unpacking the Microwave/naming her....

Thursday. What can I say about my Thursday? Well here goes. So I woke up, got in the shower, got dressed for my day, started singing at the top of my lungs to Fidelity by Regina Specktor so that my neighbor would maybe get that point that I can hear his music too. So after that I talked to mi familia on Skype. I like that Aaron answers now because he likes to sit there and yell for someone to come. He won't leave and go and get them. It's like he doesn't want me to be alone, and he likes to say "hello Falexis". Love it. Well after I talked to them I was on my way. Work was good. We worked on tomorrows lesson, and got a lot done. I also got some trash cans which is nice so now I can stop throwing things on the floor. Just kidding I was throwing them in a cardboard box, but a trash can looks nicer. Well after work I went to Lotte Mart because I had to get another towel, and some more dish towels. Well I took the bus there. I figured this one out all on my own. I am starting to become proud of my bus skills. Napoleon Dynamite has nunchuck skills, and I have bus skills. Yes his may be cooler, but mine are more practical, and helpful. Anyways when I got off them bus I went toward the wrong light so basically I walked past Lotte Mart to the light that was half a mile away. It was okay though because the street just outside Lotte World has a ton of sculptures made for the Olympics, and different countries flags on display up and down that street. It was cool to see so I didn't mind that long walk. The last time that I was at Lotte Mart was the first night that I was here, and I was with Heejung. This time I was also awake and can recall the things that I saw. I didn't notice how massive it was the first time. It took me an hour to find my towel after walking around in circles. Apparently I was in some ladies way because she rammed me with her cart and seemed to not care at all! She just looked away and kept pushing till I moved. Ugh I hate rude people. I shook her cart like hello, and then I felt bad because I shook it like a crazy lady. She still didn't seem to care, but I felt incredibly rude. Finally I asked someone who worked there, and she put me on the phone with someone who spoke English. I finally found my items and was so excited. Then I went home on the bus again I might add. So when I got home I finished my laundry and put it all away. Then I watched The Hills. I was so excited. It was everything I wanted it to be, an more! I then wrote Elder Taylor, and Elder Ray(still so weird calling them that). The sucky part is that I now have to walk to the Post Office. It's cold and I am not excited, and am to cheap to take the bus there. Aw decisions, decisions. So here's the exciting part of my evening. I finally got time, and decided to unpack my microwave. Well let me tell you that was not the easiest thing I've ever had to do. First of all the directions are all in Korean, and there is apparently a certain way to take it out of the box. I did it wrong, and broke off the styrofoam handles. Not good. I then spent the next 20 minutes trying to get the dang thing out. I finally got it out by just flipping the dang thing over, and shaking it violently. I laughed the whole time because I felt just a little stupid. Well the sucker is up. I think I like her more now because I had to set her up and unload her all on my own. I feel as though she should have a name. I have already decided that it's a she so please think of girls names. Here is what I have thought of:

Betsy (it just sounds like a good microwave name)
Linda (doesn't that mean Beautiful in Spanish?)
Hot stuff (I think it's obvious why)

I need some suggestions so please let me know what you think of those names or if you have any ideas. This is serious business people!
Well I have to go to bed, and ice my hip from crazy Lotte Mart lady with the shopping cart(they should really require a liscense for those things here)! Till next time enjoy!
P.S now that I have figured out the video thing you all get the joy of watching my recordings. They will be great I promise!

So thats me in front of some garden at Lotte Mart

There she is!

I am pretty much fascinated!

Yeah really it's love!

Oh this is the video from Sunday where the girl played and she was great on the violin & the kids were so cute!


Renee Villanueva said...

What about Minnie (mini) cause it's your mini microwave?? Just a thought. So do they think you are crazy wearing your flip flops in that weather???

Renee Villanueva said...

p.s. the song is I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me.

Lindsey Bunting said...

I like Hot Stuff. I was laughing out loud when I read that to David.