Monday, November 5, 2007

Address, Hot soup & my 12 Pack

Some of you had asked for my address so here it is:

Alexis Villanueva
Human & Space Building 403,
624 Irwon-Dong
Gangnan-gu, Seoul, Korea 135-230

Well today was good. Talked to the family on Skype. I got to talk to Aunt Mary I haven't had the chance to talk to her. It was pretty cool. Once again all the little cousins were totally in interested in talking to me as long as they could see themselves. They're really are funny. Even Roegan got into to it this time. My favorite moment was when Reese came and sat on my Mom's lap and said what my Mom thought was I cute, but she really said "I tutted". Yeah it was pretty good. Reese thought she was hilarious too. Aunt Nee was the only one who didn't think it was all funny as me and Reese did.
Loving to talk to me!

Brittney & Romi
Oh how I miss my Romi!

Reese & Mary time
Reese was so excited!

So I had work today. We did some more recording of the lessons. As always a good time. I told Heejung that I wanted something spicy for dinner. So we went to this little restaurant, and got these red noodles. Even the name was intimidating. The lady who was serving us wondered were I was from and Heejung told her I was a Megook(American), and then the lady was concerned that the Megook wasn't going to be able to handle the heat, but Heejung said that I wanted spicy. I don't remember the name of the dish, but I got spicy! I did well in the beginning, but the further into the dish I got the hotter my mouth got. I think that Heejung was enjoying my suffering kinda, but I wouldn't show her any sign of breaking. Finally I broke, but only after my nose started running red sauce! OK maybe not red but close to. The dish really was good though. I ate the whole time with chopsticks though! Yey me! Some restaurants here only have like 3-5 people working sometimes so before I left I took a picture with everyone who worked there so I could remember the great hot soup I had. I started telling them how good it was, and giving them a thumbs up and saying very good very good. It was like my thank you to them. They just laugh and we're all so nice. Well class went good. Time flew by tonight. After work I went to this store on my way home that is amazing. Basically anything that a girl wants/needs is there. I love it. Well I needed some toilet paper and the only one I could find was a 12 pack. Well when I was checking out and getting my Gatorade I notice a pack of 6. I tried to communicate that I wanted to switch the packs, but the lady didn't get it. I was making all of these crazy hand motions, and still nothing. Well she won and I ended up with a 12 pack. What on earth I am going to do with a 12 pack of toilet paper? I am not going to be here long enough to use all of that! Ratio wise I am pretty sure I am set with toilet paper. My tush is going to be living like royalty. She did throw in some nice hand cream which I quite enjoy. I caught my bus back home. I didn't notice until I was on the bus that I got Tokyo Drift. UGH! He makes me hate my life I swear. Now I at least know to hold on tight and don't let go until the bus is stopped, and then run off at the stop. He scares me. Well I am home now.Tired from my spicy night, and still thinking about my toilet paper.
Crazy Hot Soup!

Me and the Restaurant Staff!

my 12 pack
(yeah I made the door man take this picture)


BrittanyB said...

You are hilarious! How on earth do you get all these random people to take pictures with/for you!?

BrittanyB said...

p.s. you totally have my name spelled wrong on your links. bulkeley.

Kennington's said...

Alexsis, looks like your loving it their. Looks like your meeting lots of good friends.. Guess what? I'm going to Bakersfield for Thanksgiving and boy I'm not sure I want to cause its not going to be the same without you there. Well peace out.................

Kennington's said...

Ooooooooooops sorry I spelled your name wrong.

utahmary said...

Hi Falexis. Your blogs make me happy. You find humor in everything! I love it! It was fun talking to you. We love you! Bryce and Chase say hi. Bye!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lexis its the Campos girls we were just checking your blog to see what you were doing.Oh my dad coached my team(Alex) to playoffs! im so excited! Mike's team finished in first place! we got this huge trophy! And mike didnt think we would win so he promised to take us all to the movies. HAHA! oH YEAH...Im out of the cast but i have to play with this stupid brace for three weeks. How are you? Are you having fun? We all miss you!!! Talk to you soon!!!

Alex Campos said...

So my tournament was today and we won our first game our second game i have to tell you they got a pk in the box. so i had to stay on the line. they kicked it and i blocked it i was so proud of my self!!! Anyway we won 2-1 i let in a corner kick..OH! The Nelsons competed on family feud today and they lost the first round but they're going to air the episode and we got called back for december 8 and 15.
love ya!