Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend & Monday

This is going to be short, but Monday is exciting so read!

So Saturday was fun. First I went to Jamsil with Sister Residori. It was tons of fun. I finally bought things that I have been like "aww I'll just get that later" so it's good that I am no longer procrastinating. Well after that I went to the English ward for the adult session which was pretty good. After that I went to a "gathering" at Grace's apartment. I like to call it her penthouse. She works for the Canadian Embassy. For her tiny little self she has 3 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, Kitchen(including a stove), dining room, and a living room. Look at me being all apartment add sounding. I am really not trying to sell her apartment. Anyways my point was that it was pretty legit. The "gathering" was loads of fun. After that I went home on the subway because that's just how I do it. So now that I have officially used the word legit I think that we should talk about it. Okay so a few years ago legit was the "in" word. Well then I didn't use it, but now I am becoming a fan of it. Some of the boys used it over the summer, and now I am a fan. I would like you to use legit at least once in your day. Use it, it will impress people. I will give you examples in ways to use the word.
1. A: Dude did you see that wave?
B: Yeah dude it was totally legit!
2. A: Homie I got an F on my test.
B: Man that's so not legit.
You don't have to use dude or home boy, but it just makes legit sound so much cooler. Legit is a good word, and we can't just let it die out with phrases like wazz up, and yeah boy. Finally at like 10 someting I left Grace's because I was freakishly tired. On my way over I noticed a Starbucks, and was so excited to get one on my home. I had convinced another girl that it was so worth it on our way home(by the way the drink I had in mind was mormon friendly chocolate cream chip frap). Well turns out that when Diane, and I finally got there they had just closed! It was a cruel joke for them to have the door still unlocked, and people sitting in there rubbing their drinks in our faces. I just wanted a piece of home. Was that to much to ask? Apparently. Well the subway ride bothered me. Some dumb guy was sitting next to me, and he was not very smart. It's okay though he was sitting in the pregnant lady/elderly people/disabled peoples seat, and he looked dumb. The walk home was cold. That all I have to say about that.

Sunday started off with me realizing that it was freakishly cold outside. I was going to take the bus to the mission home to meet the Burtons and Residori's so we could leave from there in a car to go to the English ward. Well I got dressed, and did all that I needed to. Well then I decided that it was just to cold for me. So I layered. I put on my under armor, white socks, moccasins, jacket, sunglasses, and gloves. I looked like a spaz, but a warm spaz at that. Well once I got outside I realized that I needed to loose some of the layers because it was getting colder. I did, but just the gloves, and the sunglasses. Well as I was walking I noticed that my bus was roaring down the street, and it was to cold for me to wait for the next one so I started running. I have quite the stride if I do say so myself, and in my moccasins. I was impressive. Well the bus realized what I was doing, and stopped for me before the stop so I could stop looking crazy. Well I got to the mission home, and don't worry Mom I changed so I didn't let everyone see me looking crazy. Well I finally saw the Han River very exciting. I should probably go there on morning, and take pictures, but I think that I scare Korean's when I randomly ask them to take pictures of me. Anyways the meeting was good. I loved it. After the meeting it was colder! I hate Korea(okay I might say that, but really it has grown one me)! I could see my breath, and that is just one thing I don't need to see. Well I spent the rest of the day at the Burton's and I rather enjoyed myself. At the end of the day when I was getting ready to go home Sister Burton just took me home in the car. I must say that I was rather grateful. I wasn't looking forward to suiting back up in all of my gear again, but I would have. It was way nice of her to take me. Well when I got home I talked to my best friend the door man. I am getting used to our half way conversations. They are a good pick me up, and he makes me laugh. I am going to start teaching him slang, and before I leave he is going to be worthy of rolling with Snoop Dogg. He's pretty much a gangster. When I got into my apartment I realized that it was freezing! I tried turning on my heater, but no luck so I waited in the hall for someone to come so that I could make then turn on my heater because I couldn't get it to work. Finally someone, a man helped me and he said that it turned on at ten, and I was counting down the seconds. I started watching School of Rock because I had to return it today, and hadn't watched it yet. That movie is sooo funny. Jack Black is inspiring! It reminds me of so many great band rehearsals in Cam's garage. I fell asleep before it ended though, and was woken up when Mom called on Skype. I was half asleep through that too, and then just rolled back over, and went to bed, and didn't update my blog. Sorry.

Today was fun! First my day started out with me getting a cramp in my leg, and collapsing in my hallway. I thought it was good considering how dramatic the fall was. Well after that someone rang my doorbell. I still always think it's the fire alarm, and I have a momentary freak out, and then I snap out of it. Well I was indisposed so the guy had to wait a second. I said coming, and he thought I said come in so he tried to shake the door open. It was kinda of funny. Well when I finally got to the door it was the post man. I still don't get why people who deliver stuff to me feel the need to come inside the doorway. Well he had a package! I was so excited! Well first he was taken back that I was American I think, and just stared. It made me laugh and then he made me sign, and he tired to pronounce my name, but he so couldn't once again great. Well the package was from Kristen. I have to say it was so good. She sent me hot chocolate, "family pictures", card, and a scarf she made herself. I love that girl. Well the family pictures turned out to be a DVD! She is so smart to have said it was a picture CD, and knows me so well. After getting my package I called home on skype. It was Sunday night there, and everyone was at family dinner. I love talking to the family! Without fail the little ones came into talk but more to look at themselves in the computer. Reese screamed she was so excited, and it made my ear drum pop, but it was so cute. Well I talked to Nichole, and Emma. They are nerds, and make me laugh. Emma dumped me though because Man vs. Wild was on. I guess I know where I rank, and apparently it's after Bear Grills. Anyways eventually I had to hang up. I didn't want to cause Nichole was killing me, but I did. Work was fun today. Well kind of work. I finished all of my stuff early so I had a chance to catch up on post cards. I love that I start out writing big, and then end up really small. Class was great. I ran out of words to describe a few things so I just started drawing stick figures. At one point I drew me & Emma. Emma was having a BBQ at my house. I was hosting it, and there was a hot spring in my back yard. Let me tell you the picture was great! I told them not to erase it because tomorrow I was taking a picture. So here's the exciting part. Well the forecast for today was cloudy, and chance of rain. Well when I left work I noticed that the ground was wet. Then I was like hey it's hailing, and then I was like hey that not hail its snow! Well then I did what any true California girl would do. I screamed out loud. I didn't think I did, but the look from the boys passing by confirmed my fear. Well they I was so excited, and that was soon replaced by bone chilling cold. Then I started running. I couldn't get warm for the life of me! I kept saying your in Cali your warm, your in Cali your warm. It didn't work as well as I would have liked it to, but I was still so excited. I stopped people as they were walking so they could take picture of me! I just couldn't contain my excitment. Well I saw my bus flying by and I had to run to catch it because although I was excited about the snow I had no desire to wait in it. Well while on the bus I took a picture and the flash went off, and I don't think that pleased the bus driver, but I had to document. I took a video, but at the end it's me screaming about how the wind came in, and I had to go because I had to run, and get inside before I got frost bitted. Well I also had a little girl take pictures. She was quite the photographer if I do say so myself. I know it wasn't snowing hard at all, but to me it was a big deal! So that was my day. I am determined to wear my galoshes tomorrow. I am excited!
Nikky being a G!

Under my umbrella-ella-ella-a-a-a (it was just raining at this point)

Snow through the bus window.

The white things on my hood would be snow flakes

The picture the little girl took!(thats my building behind me)

P.S I was just so excited I could hardly stand it! It was pretty ridiculous, but what can you do? It may not look like it was snowing in some but it was!


Renee Villanueva said...

I need to know if you even know the definition of "short".
Very cute, very funny.
Love you

BrittanyB said...

I think you will be less excited about the snow as they days wear on the it doesn't go away. But I am very glad that you screamed out loud about it and that people stopped and stared ;)

Anonymous said...

dang, who made you that sexy scarf??? oh thats right i did! dang, i'm cool. haha jk. but you weren't supposed to get that stuff until your birthday!! grrr!! curse the United States Postal Service! those weenies told me it would be there ON the 22. but hey, at least you got it. haha i was worried that i didn't put the address right because there's so many numbers. haha but i'm glad you liked your stuff! miss you!!

Kristen AKA best person ever (you know it) :)