Saturday, November 10, 2007


So today was Saturday. Wasn't real exciting but it was cold outside! I slept in late, and with no motivation to go anywhere I was pretty much lazy all morning/afternoon. I thought about cleaning my apartment, and doing laundry, and taking out the trash, and all that good stuff, but then I just rolled back over. So when I did get up I got ready for my day, and talked to my family on skype, and all that good stuff. I was supposed to go to some shopping place today, but that didn't go as planned, and it was really really windy today. Finally I started cleaning. I acted like it exhausted me after every chore. I washed dishes, and then looked at them and was pleased and then sat down, and it was like that after everything I did. 2-3 hours later my 10'x 10' apartment was done. I do have to say that it looks amazing! Later I went to a party thing at the church. It was fun. The whole thing was for an Elder who is going home so it was just games, and stuff like that. My best friends, Brynne, and an investigator Hajee were there so it was fun as always. We played a game called Tree Log Bridge, and I surprised myself when I realized how competitive I was. I knew I was, but encouraging little Korean kids to cheat probably isn't a good thing. My bad. Anyways the highlight of my night had to be when I taught the girls how to play the clapping game. Anyone who was at Girls Camp '07 with the B.E.S knows what I am talking about. For those that don't it's just a clapping game with repetitious patterns. It was way old by the end of the week at camp, but it was so much fun to teach the girls tonight. It started with me and 2 girls, and grew into like 8-10 people. It was so fun. The whole event was pretty fun. When I left it was cold outside. I keep thinking how on earth am I going to live in Idaho if I freeze here? I am a wee bit worried. Anyways I came home a different route tonight to avoid my boyfriend. I had my dinner, which was rather good if I say so myself. I am rather tired so I am going to go to bed. I am like drooling on the keyboard. Manana is going to be good.
I wasn't sure about it...

but I liked it, and so did everyone else!

After a round of the clapping game

I really do wish the wind would leave my hair alone when I am trying to do a self portrait!

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BrittanyB said...

wait wait, you were surprised by your competitive nature? may I remind you of your introduction to settlers my friend?! but I really love that scarf ;)