Friday, November 23, 2007

Rain Rain Rain!

Today was great! I started of the day a little rocky, but that's okay. I some how wrapped my cell phone cord around my upper body, and then when I rolled I wrapped it around my neck, and it was choking me. Sshhish. It was a little crazy. Well then I got up and got ready. It was so cloudy outside today. I didn't like it, that's okay what can I do? I got my birthday card from Nikky this morning too! It was great! I loved it, and I posted it on the post below so that you could enjoy it too. It made me teary, but I am a sap. My family called me from thanksgiving dinner in the U.S. It was great! I talked to just about everyone! Grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts, uncle's, cousins, Emma etc. All of the little girls wanted to know where I was, what time of day it was, if I was going to bring them something back, if I had a new boyfriend, and you know all of the other odd things that 6 & 7 year old girls will come up with. Victoria left for a second, and then came back with a chocolate dessert and started waving around in the camera saying "mmmm! Do you want some? It's so good! Do you want some? Chocolate it's so yummy! Hahaha!" she is more of my cousin than I thought which could be a problem. It was great to hear from everyone today. I loved it! It was the most family I have talked to at once, but it was great. It was just one big party on Skype. Then everyone had to go, and so did I, but I had to go to work, and everyone else had to go home, and get sleep for the normal Cola family day after Thanksgiving hard core shopping extravaganze. I swear they workout every morning in the month of November to prepare themselfs for this. Those women are crazy!
Them trying to get everyone in...

rather inquisitive little buggers, but I love them

Victoria being a chump!

Well I didn't know, but it was cloudy because it was a rainy day. I don't know why but I love the rain, and rainy days more than anything I think. I always think of being in elementary and having to stay in the class room because it was raining, and all the great games we would play in place of recess. My favorite was always silent ball because I was always one of the last girls left, and I would throw the ball as hard as I could at the other girl so she wouldn't want to catch it. Always loved that game. I took this as a great oppurtunity to put on my rain boots. So I went to work all rain weathered out. I even wore the huge lime green jacket that makes me look bigger than neccessary just because it was raining. I looked hot to say the least. The best to me was that everyone had to walk around the puddles, and I just flopped right through them making sure to splash as much as possible. I felt like I was 7 again trying to get Micheal S. wet in the lunch line, and not get caught by Ms. Strasser. Work was fun. I got to call home, and talk to my family on the phone which was great. I also had sometime to write some more post cards. Stef and Walter I really tried to be serious in yours, but it just wasn't happening, and I hope you enjoy! Finally it was time for dinner, and I ran upstairs to make sure it was still raining so I could put back on my rain boots. It was. Sweet. Well in the middle of my splashing I realized I was getting Heejung wet. I thought it was funny, but I knew I had to stop. After dinner I told her she had to take pictures of my playing in the rain, and she did. I only posted one because the others are just to humiliating. I was showing off the shoes for everyone to see in the middle of the road. Not safe in Korea at all, but I like to live on the edge.
Showing of the shoes!(I was falling that why face looks the way it does I think)

When we got back to the office eveyone started showing up early which isn't normal. Finally I was called into start class, and when I walked in they had a cake, and candles for me. It was great! They also sang happy birthday to me in English which I thought was great. I loved that the english speakers sang in Korean, and the Korean's sang in English. We then had cakes, and enjoyed, and then eventually actually did a lesson. It was fun overall. Looking forward to the weekend. Enjoy all the shopping madness, and you weekend too! Don't forget Nikky's card below!

Birthday cake & Cheese Cake shot........that was just pure heaven!


Renee Villanueva said...

I am totally convinced that I saw that cake during the opening scenes of Willy Wonka. You know when they walk throught the garden and that kid gets stuck in the pipe.

Kelsie Maher said...

hey! how was the korean celebrations?? looks like fun, i love the purple cake!

Abu Sayyaf al-Andalusi said...

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Good luck

Luis. Spain - UK

Brynne said...

Alexis--don't make me tell you again. It's been two days. Come ooonnnnn.

Kennington's said...

The Kennington Famiy just wanted to wish you a belated Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!! With lots of love.