Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Miercoles(Olympic Park, Surprise Concert)

I must say today was pretty fun. I am starting to get used to this sleeping thing which could be a bad thing before going to school who knows. Anyways I finally got up and got ready. It was really foggy again today, but the fog lasted all day. I had planned to go to the Dongdaemun, and do some bargin shopping, and go look at some of the crazy things that happen there, but instead I went to Olympic Park with Heejung, and some of the Kim family. I had never met them before. Surprisingly I have developed this skill of being on time to places so I was there on time, and no was else was so I walked around for a while, and took some pictures. People kept trying to sell me all of this stuff, and I had no idea what they were saying so I just shrugged, and didn't get anything. I was so excited to find out that the Kim girls spoke English because the oldest daughter has studied English in Canada, and Singapore. Do you know that Singapore is not only a city, but a country too? I didn't. Anyways it was fun to talk to them because they really did speak it well. There were two girls one my age, and the other who was 7. It was tight. There names(English names) were Stacy, and Annie. They were both good at English, and tons of fun. Let me tell you I took so many pictures! It was like my own personal photo shoot. You can call Giselle if you would like. Wait never mind don't. Olympic Park was crazy! There was a ton of things to see, and visit. There were all of these sculptures that were made just for the Olympics. They were all crazy, and kind of funny. Walking around the park was taking a massive hike! There were hills every where, and there was no getting around it. It was fun though because after every hill there was something new to look at. Like a little black bunny. There was also this really big hill that was all grassy, and I was going to go to the top and pull a Julie Andrews from the sound of music, and sing the Hills are Alive, but I didn't want to give Ashlynn a hard attack so I didn't. At the top of one hill was this Korean temple thing, and all around it were all of these animal statues. Well come to find out what they represented was the year that you were born and what you are. I would be a snake. Haha. No comment about that. I made sure to take my picture with that statue. The only thing that I really wanted to see was the flags of all of the countries. I promise I have never been so excited to see flags! Kind of lame I know but it was really cool. I also saw the Olympic torch or flame, or both. It was way cool. Never been so excited to see fire! So Stacy noticed that there was a sign advertising this free concert at one of the Olympic Gyms. Well the concert happened to be that night, and free. I love that word. Free. It really is a marvelous word. So we decided to go. Totally spontaneous, and semi not like me. It was fun. I thought that it was going to be some lame concert, but it ended up being this big thing with all of these really popular bands/singers from here. There were a ton of people there. They were celebrating the fact the Korea might be the place to host the next International Expo. This could mean big things for Korea, and they are really excited, and I was excited to because this meant free concert. We got there and there was a ton of people. The way that they did the seating, and all we got these really good seats. It was awesome! I had no idea what they were singing about or who they were, but it was good, and definitely something to remember. There was one band though that everyone went crazy for. Let me tell you it was like watching the Korean Menudo. It was hilarious how similar they are, and there was on performer who was this nice mix of Justin Timberlake, and Micheal Jackson. The show had all these crazy pyro technics, and fire works, and laser shows, and such. It was a blast. The last band was a rock band, and they were so funny and full of energy. In the end my day so tons of fun. Stacy, and i rode the bus together for a while, and then she got off. I was so tired that I got off at the wrong stop, and ended up chasing down my bus. It was funny. Well I thought it was at least. So here are some pictures from today. It is kinda dark in some, but it was not the best weather today. Oh well.

The entrance to the park

the people who tried to haggle me...kind of

Some yellow tree

the big red sculpture

Me & Annie being g's on a sculpture

Watch out!

The Bunny along the way

Ring of Flags

The U.S flag above

I was trying to make the rings with my hands

the olympic rings.....

Olympic Torch

Best preformer of the night!


Me & Stacy(I look shiny & she forgot to smile)

Rocking it

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Kennington's said...

Those pictures you took are pretty sweet I bet it was fun getting to see all that. It looks pretty there is it? Hope everything is well. Its fun reading your entries. Peace & Love..........