Friday, November 2, 2007

Crazy Little Bus Driver

So today was alright. I woke up this morning not feeling very well. I don't know what is wrong with me! So I had plans to go to lunch with Sister Burton, and Brinn, but our plans fell through. I wasn't to upset considering I felt gross. So after talking to the family on skype of course I took a little afternoon nap before work. I don't know if I just haven't noticed it before, but one of my bus drivers is nuts! There are about 3 buses that are called number 5. They all drive the same route. Well there are about 6 different drivers so you never know who is working and who you are going to get. Well today I got the youngest one. Maybe it's just me, but he is nuts! As soon as he closes the doors he takes off! He doesn't care if the old lady with the cane is trying to get to her seat, and he throws her across the bus cane and all. He is ready to go. Home boy layed on the horn like every minute. No joke I promise I started counting. I think his best time was 1 min and a half without using the horn. If you ask me I think he's watched Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift a few to many times. He was weaving in and out of traffic. He ran a light, and was get remarkably close to other cars. It was making me sick, and really nervous. Well once I got off the rocket and was able to see straight again I went to work. Work was okay. I taught the first business men's class today. One guy thought he knew everything, but he didn't. At one point he asked me if my pronunciation was correct? I was all yeah, and if it's not your screwed! I thought I was funny. One other guy in the class kept slurring his words and I was trying to help him say it right. Finally he was all "I sorry I had to much to drink last night and I still not sober yet. Maybe I say better tomorrow." Haha what do you say to that. I just teased him the rest of the class. I totally thought that they were going to tell Heejung that they didn't like me or my class, but apparently they loved me, and my class and want to come back again. Oh crazy Korean business men. So Heejung took me to get chicken noodle soup because earlier in the day I told her I didn't feel good, and after trying to get me to drink some remedy she finally just gave up and took me to get chicken noodle soup. It was at some Chinese restaurant. It was so good. I even ate it with chopsticks. Okay so not the whole thing, but a few noodles here and there, and I didn't slurp that much. I was pretty proud. The next class was good. I love that they try and feed me the whole time. Some of the girls in the class even taught me how to spell my name in Korean. I did it nicely I must say. I am pretty sure that I will be speaking the language any day now. Yeah I am that good. Well after class I like ran to my bus stop because it is freezing outside. I ran past this girl who was wearing a mini skirt, and I stopped dead in my tracks and just looked at her. I am serious I think I might have had a starring complex there for a second. I am not sure. She looked cold and it made me cold. She needed to put some pants on. I think that from now on I am going to carry a pair of sweat pants in my bag for girls like her. Sure it would be like a tent on her, but a warm tent. I didn't get crazy bus driver this time. I was so relieved and so was my stomach. So I needed some water before I came home, and the lady at store is always very nice to me. Well when I was walking around this guy came in and after he checked out he asked her something in Korean and she shrugged. He then turned to me and asked me where I was from. Where I live now. Mothers maiden name, how many brothers, and sisters it had. Well no not the last part, but you get the idea. I refused to tell him where I lived though. I don't think I look that American but apparently I do, and everyone is fascinated by me. YES! The highlight of my day though had to be the nauseating ride to work though. If there was a movie about illegal bus races I am pretty sure that he would be on it. Now I am home and tired, and going to bed. I have plans to go and see the Ancient Palaces tomorrow. We'll see! Pictures will be posted then regardless!


Cuatro's Mom said...

I don't see anything in this post about Dave Bunting being the cause of your distress. Maybe next time. I will just keep waiting.

dendlac said...

I know you aren't going to be the one to comment on other peoples driving - i've been in a care with you while you were driving and I'm still not over it.

I'm really happy that you are having so much fun - I just wish you felt better.

Your mom finally gave my your bank account number so I will be getting you some cash in there hopefully tomorrow.

Drop my an email and let me know if you need anything.

Love ya cuz.