Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Microwave & Improv Show

Today was pretty good. I don't have to be at work until 2 in the afternoon which is pretty sweet because I have enjoyed the sleeping in time. I got up and talked to Ash for a while. Gosh I miss her. Even when she makes the muchkin comments. After I was off to work. We finished recording all of the lesson's that we have done up to this point. I was so glad. I couldn't speak right today, so I had to keep doing takes over and over! Well after we were done with that I was done for the day. I love when I get to come home early. The best part about today was that I got to take my microwave with me. Yes a microwave. There are many kitchen products that you can go without, but a microwave my friends isn't one of them. I am so excited! This means great things to come people. Popcorn, left overs, and things I can't pronounce, or spell correctly. My apartment is almost complete. Well I had to walk to my bus stop with the microwave. Heejung put it on a dolly thing and I just pulled it behind me. Usually people use them for groceries here, but I on the other hand use it to pull my miracle box. I didn't even care that people were staring at me. I was just so excited. I even took it out to dinner. It was kinda a hassle to get it into the restaurant but I think it was worth the effort. I got some type of bibimbap, but it wasn't the kind in the hot bowl. It just wasn't the same. It also had this massive glob of hot sauce on it that I didn't see, and kimchi which is also spicy. Let me tell you if the rice is red it's a bad sign. Well I didn't finish it due to the firery hottness. So I came home happy as a clam(or a clown whatever!), but not fed. That's okay though. I semi cleaned up my apartment. Mom & Dad would have been semi-proud. I have done two loads of laundry the past few days though. Go me! So I got a call from KaRyn a girl in the English ward here who invited me to an improv comedy show at the Orange Tree in Itaweon. I went and it was so much fun! They show was so funny, and in English! Well then I took the subway home and didn't even use a map this time! I was proud. Oh goodness almost forgot to tell you about these two old men who were yelling at eachother in Korean. Well after a few stops the yelling got louder. Eventually it turned into physical combat. One of the old guys pouncing(as fast as an old man can pounce) flew across the subway, and started punching the other old guy. It was almost like it was in slow motion just because they were old, and didn't move to fast. The guy who was getting attacked just kicked the other guy. A man just standing by pulled the guys off eachother. He was laughing because I don't think anyone saw that coming. I wonder what they were fighting about. Maybe dentures or something. Well I got home around midnight, and now I am way tired! I have to go to bed. Microwave food tomorrow! Aw something to dream/look forward to.


Cuatro's Mom said...

"Miracle Box". You slay me.

BTW, you need to email me and let me know if there is anything we can send you for your birthday.

Renee Villanueva said...

You are a mess. You are really, really funny. Did you get microwave all set up. Alma says you are funny. The "denture" remark killed her. Love you talk to you later.

Lindsey Bunting said...

I just thought I'd let you know that I read your blog everyday. I love it! I am so jealous of the adventures you are experiencing. Keep having fun! When is your birthday?