Sunday, November 4, 2007


So today was my Sunday. I went to bed with my phone not working for me, but plugged in. Well I woke up this morning and it was still completely dead after being charged all night. I thought that it was just my battery, but apparently not. I am glad that I woke up this morning though because when I don't set me alarm there is no telling when I am going to wake up. Well I was going to go the English ward today, but if I got lost then I wouldn't know where I was and how to get a hold of someone. So I walked three blocks to use a pay phone to call the Residori's early in the morning so I could get Heejungs number to tell her about my phone, but I had to take the subway to church today though because she had a meeting. Well because of the time, and all I was going to be late. Let me tell you something. Cold subway benches and skirts don't mix. The cold comes right through the skirt, and then slowly but surely you butt is ice. BRR! Finally I got there and was 30 minutes late, but it was okay at least I went. Well the rest of the meetings were chill. I met a girl who's English name is Genny. I have no idea what her real name is. Well Genny was cool, and so nice. She invited me to do something with her this weekend. I am just not sure what. I didn't quite understand. So we'll see. Well after the 3 hour block I tickled the ivories for the Young Womens choir. It felt good to play. So what everyone here is a musical genius, and I suck in comparision, but it was cool to play. Then I stayed for a baptism. After the baptism they had another meal thing, and I made some new best friends. Once again don't remember how to say their names, but they are all pretty hard core. They even taught me some new dance moves. I am slowly, but surely becoming a Korean thug. Well Heejung and I had some time before the next class, and we went to Olympic park. We just had enough time to see the first part, but I am going back soon. It was huge! Aw love it. So the Book of Mormon class was cool, and funny. Now that I know some of the people it is fun. After the class I went to the Residori's, and had dinner. It was nice! I love going over there because it almost feels like Sunday night dinners at home. I watched some of the pictures, and video's that their family & Grandkids had sent them. They were all so cute. It kinda made me miss my cousins. Aw sad. Well I am over it. Just kidding. So thats really about all for today. I know Sunday's are not to exciting, I am telling you my new best friends and I will be sure to make some laughs this week!
Before we were Best Friends

Becoming Best Friends

I am in the Club!

Dance Time!


Anonymous said...

hey, i don't know if anyone told you yet but Martin, Billie atchley, and Drakos were in a really bad accident. Billie was drunk and was driving and Martin might not make it. i guess he got burned really bad because the truck caught on fire. well ya. . .just wanted to let you know. Pray for them. i miss you and i love your pictures! :)


Ashlynn said...

That's my sweater!

Ashlynn said...

Those girls are sooo cute!