Sunday, November 25, 2007

It was just great......

First I would just like to say that last night I was going to update, but I guess that I was tired. I woke up around one in the morning. I was on the floor and so was my laptop. The floor was cold, and I fell asleep with my finger on the L button, and thats all that was on my blog aside from my photos. It was just great. I fully intended to update though.
Weekend!!! Well I had a fun weekend.
Saturday I got suckered into Young Single Adults confrence, and it was everything that you would think it would be. The good the bad, and the ugly, but mostly good surprisingly. Well I woke up early got dressed, got on the subway to go to the Temple. On my way there I got hit on by a man in his not so prime from Pakistan. He asked me out for drinks. I gave him all wrong information. The Temple was just great. A lot bigger on the inside than expected. Then it was a full day of the confrence. The speakers were great. For dinner we split up into dinner groups, and mine was a ton of fun. We had dulkgalbi which was incredibly spicy! So good though. Made me tear up though because it really was that hot. After dinner we saw 5 guys dressed up in life size shrimp costumes, and of course had to get a picture. One of them and I were just the best of friends and he just kept giving me hugs. Where else does stuff like that happen? Then we caught a cab to the next location. Best cab ride of my life. Our driver was great. I told him he was a stud. He let me know that Korea won the soccer game qualifing them for the next Olympics(I am so glad to finally be in a country who loves soccer!). He then started cheering this Korean cheer. It was just the best thing I've ever seen. He was so excited, and everyone in the car was cheering including me once I caught on. It was just great. I can't remember what the cheer was, but don't fear. I will figure it out a-sap. So the last part of the Saturday night confrence was a dance. It was a lot of fun, and I was a dancing with basically torn down the house. I did leave though once I heard someone say "Oh this is great Jr High" I just thought to myself I don't think I was even born yet. That's when I took my cue, and left. The subway ride home was the longest but it just made it that much sweeter. Last time I came home the same way was the night of the slow motion fight. Well this time there was two drunk guys who were holding each other to stand up. When we came to their stop they got off and one guy just collapsed on the ground right outside the doors, and no one helped him. The other guy just looked at him thinking that if he bent down he was going to fall too. It was just great. I don't ever know what really happened to them.
Christmas in Korea

My Korean Pepsi ad(at the dulkgalbi restaurant)

It was just great.

Sunday I went to the English ward with the Burtons. It was the end of the English YSA confrence. We just stayed for sacrament, but having Brynne there, and watching her, and her eternal companion interact was just great. "The family that prays together stays together". Haha love it. Well after I went back to the Burton's for some bonding time. Brynne, and I watched some Other side of Heaven, and it was swell. Add that one to the list of movies that make me cry. I am pretty sure that movie number 1,233,468. This was also the day that I figured out that I can't read bass at the same time, or bass at the same time. I am determined to be great at it though. I have added that to my life goals. Well when I came home that night I realized that there is a new door man. He wasn't all that interesting, but he thought that it was awesome that I was American, and just stared. A little creepy, but I knew what he was thinking. When I got into my apartment I smelt something funny. I realized that I left my iron on all day. Haha what if I had burned down the complex. See now I think it great, but really it could have been bad, but it did really bother me I was tired. Well aparently I was way tired because I fell asleep on the cold hard wood floor. That okay though I hear it's good for your back.
Monday Was okay. I woke up like three times and it was still dark so I just kept thinking go back to sleep. Finally I looked at my clock, and realized that it was 10 & dark outside because it was all cloudy. Well I got up, and got dressed the Family called on Skype from Sunday Night dinner. I love Monday mornings just cause I can talk to everyone. Robert thinks that he knows Korean now because he dry cleaner is Korean, and he can say hello, and he just make that word everything. Comments, questions, come backs. It's just great. Roegan came over to say hi to me! Love that kid. He said "hi wexis!" and waved. Missing all the little cousin more, and more. Well Then I went to work. It was good today. Dinner was also great. We had pork bulgogi. The lady at the restaurant kept trying to convince Heejung to convince me that it would taste so much better with squid. My face might have made her finally give up on that thought. Well dinner was good though. My rice was purple. It was hilarious. It tasted the exact same, but purple. Class was fun. One of the girls in my class is quite the comedian, and I couldn't stop laughing at the things that she would come up with tonight. I think I might have snorted. It was just great. I took pictures of the purple rice but I am to lazy to load them tomorrow maybe. I also realized today that I only have 25 days left here in Korea. I still have so much I want to do, and see. Time is going by to fast, and I not sure how I feel about it.


BrittanyB said...

wow, sounds like everything was "just great" I need to go back and count how many times you wrote that ;)

Renee Villanueva said...

Callie wants pictures of samll dogs in clothing (shoes preferably). I would like to see pictures of the temple and also the video of singing on your birthday. Yep, that about sums up what I would like to see.

Maribel said...

Thanks for writing this.