Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday's with Alexis

Purple rice from yesterday.

Tuesday! Well today was nothing speacial, but fun. I woke up with and ear ache. I absolutely hate ear ache's! I have no idea what to take for it so I just sat in my bathroom looking in my medicine cabinet thinking that if I stared at my medicine long enough the one that I am supposed to take would just magically get up, walk out of the bag, and say take me. No luck. I talked to Mom on skype. It was here Birthday! Oh my little old Mom. So darn cute! I hung up with her because they were all going out to dinner as a "family" for her birthday. I decided that I should probably make myself lunch, and stop being lazy. I had ramen noodles. I realized that I am a thug when I reached for chopsticks instead of my fork. Okay well my fork was dirty, and I had no desire to wash it, but before I would have refused to use my chopsticks, and just cleaned my fork, but I was okay with the chopsticks! Right before I left for work Grandpa, and Grandma called me on skype. It was sweet! Grandma, and I seemed to talk at the same time, which made it hard for us to communicate. The first part of our conversation was one of us saying "what!??!" because we had interuptted each other. It was great. Work was good today. I had to record the longest lesson ever today! I started making the odd voices again and then I would laugh at myself because I thought that I was hilarious. Heejung didn't thinkt that the voices were as funny as I did. The best part of my day would have to have been when I was in the restroom, and was singing Whitney Houston I Wanna Dance With Somebody, and someone came in. Talk about stage fright. For dinner tonight we went to a dulkgalbi restaurant. This dish has bumped bibimbap out of first place on the list of my favorite Korean foods. The restaurant was great. It had all of these liscense plates on the walls, and movie poster's, and other random piece's. I would like to think of it as the Jake's tex-mex of Korea(only bakersfieldian's are going to get that). They also gave us apron's to eat with. It was lovely. After we went to the video store, and I rented the Princess Diaries 2 because ever since watching The Other Side of Heaven I have been wanting to watch Anne Hathoway in P.D. weird I know. What can ya do though?
Never been so happy to wear an apron.

One of the pictures I showed my class. I like it just because I look sunkist.
I brought pictures of my family, Emma. I had to because they have all wanted to see what Emma looked like since I drew her as a stick figure. She didn't look so hot. I just decided to take pictures of the family too. Haha actual pictures were better than the stick figure I think. We flew through the lesson, and I got to leave early. No complaint on my part. Well I was tired on the bus, and wasn't paying much attention to what was going on, and so I missed my stop. I had a mini heart attack, and then I just laughed because only I could get lost on the same route I take everyday. Tomorrow is my day off, and I have no idea what I am doing. I am determined to have fun. Maybe dancing? Shopping? Who knows. Suggestion's welcome!
Nikky, Emma(Shaq), and Me


BrittanyB said...

you need to find out why the rice is purple!

Cuatro's Mom said...

I have a feeling that the part about calling your mom "old" isn't going to go over well.

Marisa said...

Aw you look so cute in your apron :) And yeah a pic of Emma is always better than the stick figure version ;)

Marisa said...

oh yeah p.s. happy belated birthday!!!!! You're as old as me... for now... ;)

Sherri Nelson said...

Hey girl --

I just want you to know that I LOVE our blog. it is great to hear all about your life in Korea. You are awesome! Enjoy!!