Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Now I know that the cold is out to get me!

Well. Hmmm. Okay here goes. So today was interesting day. Well first I talked to Kristen on skype. She just got it, and it was good to talk to her. The best part was that the cam got delayed so she would laugh, and then like 10 seconds later the cam would catch up. It just made me laugh more. I thought it was great. Well then I was off to work. It was so cold outside this morning, and there was remains of the snow last night every where! I couldn't feel my fingers! My appendages suck, and reject the cold! I got on the same bus number 5 but it was a new bus I think. Well I got on and it was like I got the wind knocked out of me when I realized it was Tokyo drift. Ugh he really does make me sick with his insanity. Work was legit. I got everything done on time. I was so proud. For dinner we went to this little restaurant. Heejung told me that Sister Chea made me vegetable pancakes so we were going to eat lite and I was okay with that. Well apparently eating lite to Koreans means getting a 5 course meal. We got mondoo, mangoo, or mandoo I am never sure what it is called. Anyways she ordered like the mother of them all! Those suckers were bigger than my fist. I just laughed at the lightness of our lunch. On the walk back the office I started freezing. Maybe it's just me but I like to feel my feet. Then my teeth started chattering, and that was enough for me. The cold was killing me, and then I told Heejung that we had to hurry which meant run, and we did. I am very impressed with my stride. Just a couple minutes after we got back Sister Chea, and her sister showed up. I was soo excited! The vegetable pancakes were amazing! They looked slightly odd, but they were great. They also had shark fish in them which I thought was going to kill it for me, but I loved them. Well after class I left. Once again it was freakishly cold. I think that if it is going to be this cold outside that it needs to just snow! I can't handle this. Well since Emma, Ash, Cam, Garrett, and Britt have all gone out to ice cream with each other, and have no problem telling me about it I have been craving ice cream so despite the cold I went and got some from Baskin Robins. I don't usually go there, but Rhonda's a big fan so I thought I would give it a try. I should know better with Rhonda I guess. Well when I got home I decided that I would just put it up because I was to cold to eat it at this point. Well after putting it away I noticed two little sacks in the bottom so I reached down, and grabbed them. What I didn't see was the steam that was coming up from them. That would have been my clue to not pick them up. Well I did. It burnt. Did anyone know that dry ice burns your skin? I think that's any oxymoron. Dry ice, but it burns? Well I just dropped it as soon as I found that one out the hard way. It only burnt one finger but it still hurt. This is when I knew that Korea, or the cold is out to get me. Oh well. Speacial thanks to Brynne for helping me figure out what to do with the little buggers. I thought that if I left them out the fumes were going to do somthing to my immune system. Everything was better after watching the Hills. Lame I know, but it's the little things in life that make me happy you know. 2 mas dias para(till) mi cumpleano!
told you they were the size of my fist!

group shot!

best pancakes I've ever had!


Brynne said...

I've been checking all night and am so glad you didn't let me down. I even got a shout out. Girl, you rock.

BrittanyB said...

What's with the dry ice? I think it was cold enough outside that your ice cream wouldn't freeze before you got home ;)

Kelsie Maher said...

hahaha, how cold again? cuz the high for today was 32, this last weekend i think it only got to 20