Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Today was pretty lame I do have to say. I spent the whole morning sleeping because I didn't feel good. Then when I got up I just sat there because I really had no motivation to do anything. I talked to the family on skype again which was cool, and Cameron, and Emma too. Cameron made me laugh he was so excited, but just like the cousins I don't think it was to talk to me as much as it was to look at himself in the web cam. Oh dear it was pretty good. Then I talked to Stef a little. She was making cookies. Oh how I do miss those. They just aren't the same here. I guess I could find some chip ahoy, and put them in Mini(yes that's her name), and heat them up. Some how though I just don't think they are going to be the same. I got out of the shower and I looked outside and it was foggy. For real this time not like last time when I thought it was fog and it was just the steam from the shower. That was a low point for me. Anyways so I just missed my bus at 1:30 which meant I had to run to work. The shoes I wore not exactly running shoes. I am still faithful in saying Hi to the chicken man who has all of the sudden become 3 different guys. They all wave to me though, and it still makes me laugh that we are all so tight. I am going to have to get a picture with them. Work was good. I got to come home early because I didn't have a class tonight like I had anticipated. I did go and rent some movies from this dvd place though. The guy let me rent two dvd's for the price of one. I was so excited. I got She's the Man, and School of Rock. Both really profound movies I know. You should watch them. I stopped by the chick store, and picked up some chapstick because some how I have misplaced my burts bee's chapstick. The lady who works there is always so afraid that I am going to talk English to her so when ever I even open my mouth I swear she cringes but then I just say thanks, and bye in Korean. Woooh for her. So once again I just missed my bus, and I had to wait for forever, but it was totally worth it to she some girls eating ice cream, and then standing there, and shivering. Well at one of the stops all of these boys got on, and they looked at me. One-by-one. It was totally obvious that they were taking turns, and they were so not sly about it. I just thought it was funny it was like they had never seen and American before maybe they hadn't who knows. It was probably my purple scarf because it's amazing. Well I not so gracfully got off the bus tonight I thought the curb was a lot closer than it was at I was basically doing the splits with one foot on the bus and the other on the curb. What a way to leave. So now I am home, and am going to watch a movie. I don't work tomorrow so it should be fun. Pictures will be posted then.

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BrittanyB said...

I don't think it's the scarf as much as your hair they look at, In all of your pictures these people have flat flat hair. Your curls amaze them ;)