Sunday, November 11, 2007


I started my day at 5 a.m so that I could catch my bus by 6 and be at the Burton's at 7 so that we could leave for the YSA confrence/re-broadcast. It took me forever to get up, and get going. Well just a few minutes, but I was like on slow mode. I left here at exactly 6. I thought that I would have to be at my bus stop then so that I could catch the bus in good time because for some reason I thought that it was going to take a long time for it to get there so I gave myself plenty of time. Well I really like stopped at my bus stop and the bus came. So then I made my transfor and was there for a while in the freezing cold! Br! I wore tights today though so I do have to say that they helped a little. I am pretty sure the last time that I was in tights there was photo documentation because my purple tights just looked so dang cute with my hot pink Lion King shirt with the purple accent's. Yes yes I know I was a rock star. Anywho I got to the Burton's kinda early. 30 minutes early to be exact. I got to eat some honey nut cheerios which was nice though. Then we were off. I loved being in a car again. Let me tell you Korea looks a little different from a car than in does in a bus, or subway. Crazy right? Well it took us a while to get there because President Burton missed the turn off, but I thought it was funny. We got there and thats what counts. I have to say that 1. I was impressed by President Burton's driving skill, and that he flew over a bump that he didn't see or didn't look as big as it really was I guess, and I flew. Well not flew but I shot straight up and hit my head on the roof. It wasn't a I am going to get a goose bump hit, but none the less I hit the roof. It was Hilarious! We also saw actual house, and yards somthing that you don't see very often in Korea. The confrence was good. It was crazy how many people were there. I was so surprised I had no idea that there were that many young adults active in Korea. They re-broadcasted Elder Oaks' CES fireside talk from last weekend. The message was really good, and I think something that I needed to hear before going to school. For a closing songs for one of the meetings we sang There is Sunshine in My Soul Today. Okay people I have always had trouble playing that song on the piano, and singing it...even in English. Let me tell you it's not easier at all when the only person you can hear is the chick singing in Korean next to you. I was horrible! I quit that song for good its official. Well after all of the meetings the Burton's were escorted down, and out of the building. I laughed because people where all excited to see them, and they had like secret service agent type's walking them around. Haha I don't know how to describe it, but it was good. The whole thing made me laugh. They are the First Family of the Korea Seoul West Mission in my eyes. I hung out with the Burton's for the rest of the night. It was fun. Brynne gave me some music, that she liked, and seriously it was so funny how stoked she was about sharing music, and then later I had dinner with them. It was fun. I am a wee bit tired from my early morning start so I am going to go to bed. Costco & maybe a shoe purchase & work tomorrow. I think I may be a little more excited about Costco......yep yep I am.

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