Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Trying new things

Yesterday was so much fun! First I talked to my family on Skype and my web cam finally worked very exciting! Hee-Jung was the one who figured it out. It was cool that she was here when I was talking to them because I cyberly introduced her to the family. Anyways we went to the market that is right around that corner from my house and it was fun. The people who work there didn't yell the prices at me. It would have been cool but they didn't. After that we went on the bus and Hee-Jung taught me how to use my transportation card, and use the bus. Then the subway. I thought it was crazy confusing! People where every where and it was funny. in the halls people we selling all kinds of stuff. My favorite was the pirated DVD's. I didn't buy any though. We rode the subway to the Seoul World Trade Center! It was crazy. It sits on top of a mall and the mall was so much fun. I didn't buy anything, but I am so going back soon. We went to Immigration and got my passport extended. After that we were both really hungry and she asked me if I wanted to eat some Korean food. I of course said yeah. I got this dish called Bibimbap. It was soo good. Spicy of course, but really good. I also tried Kim Chee for the first time, and Todd was right...it was so good. I was surprised to be honest. Then we went back on the subway, and Hee-Jung tried to get me to get us back, but I was so wrong in every decision that I made and she finally just started telling me where to go. It was my first class that night. I was so nervous, but I think everything went well. It was odd teaching people things that I just know sub-consciencely, but people really need to know to speak English. After class I wanted to go straight home because I was so tired, and I still had major jet lag. I left the building and went the wrong way, and then went the wrong way again, and then made a wrong turn. I sware all the streets look the same! It was funny though because people who were sitting on restaurant stool's that I passed every time that turned back around started to laugh because they so knew I was lost. I think that next time I might just pull a Hansel & Gretel, and leave a trail of bread so that I can find my way home easier, but the dang birds will eat them. UGH! Don't worry I will figure it out. Here are some pictures of the day.
World Trade Center Seoul
Yep that'd be me in front of WTCS
MMM Bibimbap!
(notice the amzing chopstick skills)

Kim Chee (so good)


Ashlynn said...

Ohhh. So you liked the kim chee?

Ashlynn said...

Oh I like the picture of you in the green shirt showing off your amazing chopstick skill!

Jeff said...

Kimchee is pretty good. Especially in Ramen.

Garrett said...

dude... i have kimchee in my fridge?
ha its rotten cabbage, and it is good with ramen.