Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Today was Tuesday for me. Well guys the future is cold! UGH! I am still not quite sure how well I like the cold. Burr! Well I went to the market again today. I did so good this time! I didn't get anything that I didn't get anything that I didn't need! Well this time I understood what things were so I actually got things of substance. I was way excited. Well when I was leaving the store I passed the little store that I bought my hat from. You know the one that the lady started throughing hats on me and then taking them off if they didn't look good? Well yeah I said hello to the lady as I walked out the door and she was cleaning the store window/door. Yeah she totally hit my bum. Normally I would have said hello dinner first, but I didn't know how to communicate that so I just laughed. I thought it was so weird, but hilarious at the same time! I just looked back at her, and she said HALLO! It was funny. Well after I went to Paris Baguette and it took me forever to find the type of bread that I wanted, and I picked out two sandwiches. I got two in case I didn't like one I could have the other. I also got a hot chocolate! I was so stoked. So I had to wait forever to try it because it was ridiculously hot, but just the plain and simple fact that I had it was enough for me. Well I didn't really like either sandwich, but some of each sustained me, and at least I tried. I am really trying to eat more than one meal a day. So when I got back I talked to my family on Skype. I love Skype! I am serious. I am going to start promoting it subliminally. Anyways so after all the talking and getting ready for work (skype) I was off to the bus stop. The bus took forever to get here today which (skype) means I would have to run to work practically. I still had time to say hi to the chicken guy though. Even though he sold me the hottest chicken under the sun my goal is to say hi to him everyday. So if I am in dire need of some chicken I know where to go. Anyways work was good. No class today. Hee-Jung and I spent the ENTIRE day recording the lesson's and putting them on a MP3 file so that the people in the class can work on English at home. On the bus. In their houses, and (skype) many more places. Basically I am going to be in there heads! Scary I know. The whole time we were recording I felt like a radio DJ. It was pretty good. I do have a pretty good radio voice if I do say so myself. Well for dinner I told Hee-Jung that I wanted chicken. Earlier this week I told her about the restaurant at the corner and how it looked like it had good chicken. Well that's where we went. When we sat down I asked her if she had been there before and she said no because it was a bar type restraunt. I started to laugh. She didn't have to (skype) take me there if it was a bar. She could've just explained and said no, but she just wanted me to pick where we were going to eat. She's so nice, and it was funny. The chicken? Oh the chicken was amazing! Well I left after dinner because we were done for the day. I of course said hello to the chicken guy again on my way to my bus stop. Well I went back to the market because I forgot to get eggs earlier. It was so cold at this point and I didn't wear a jacket because I was wearing thermals. Brr! Not wearing a jacket = not a smart idea. Well when I was walking home I saw another dog all dressed up! It was the Taco Bell dog! So exciting seeing him/her in Korea. Well I had to take a picture but the owner kept walking. Make me mad. Well finally she stopped but then some guy stepped in front of my (Skype) way. He moved because he figured out what I was doing when I was practically laying on the floor trying to get a picture. Well the picture didn't turn out so well, but thats okay. It was still so cute! Well I am off. Peace, love & skype I mean hugs. I am tired. Good Nite!

There he/she is!
Oh goodness I almost forgot the best part. Well the other night well I was at a corner store I grab some ritz crackers & Gatorade for my tummy. I ended up not eating the craxkers them that night. Well this morning I found out that they are actually peanut butter ritz crackers. I thought I couldn't find them any where! Yes life is good.

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Renee Villanueva said...

Do you realize we are at 55 days??
Good huh? Well if you keep having so much fun, you may not want to come home. j/k. Did the Taco Bell Dog mke you long for mmmmmmmm!! Taco Bell?? You are so funny. Maybe you should contact skype and do some ads for them.