Monday, October 22, 2007

The Start of my Korean Adventure

(I am totally pretending that this is the nineteeth of October)

So this morning we all had an extremely morning to get ready to go to LA. Suprising enough it really wasn't that stressful. All of us including Grandma and Grandpa Cola drove down. Even Aaron who gave up his perfect attendance to go. He has just decided to get it in the third grade. We arrived at LAX with like 2 minutes to spare before I had to check in. Basically we ran to check in. We then checked in at the Korean airline counter where the guy who helped my was extremely helpful. He also told me that the plane that I was getting on was the biggest passanger plane in the world. Well it being my first time flying hearing that I was on the biggest plane did not make me feel better. All I thought was great makes for a bigger boom. After we checked in we all went and got something to eat, and then ate our semi last lunch together in a while (tear tear). After lunch we took a ton of pictures right before I had to load the plane. It was sooo weird saying bye to my family. It almost seemed like a big emotional joke, but it wasn't. Finally we said out bye's and later's, and I walked throught the gate. I have never seen such high security or smelled so much feet. I think that I am going to have to make a complaint to Home Land Security about people taking their shoes off. I have been thinking, and I think that it is a health hazard for that many people to take off their shoes all at once! Finally the boarding thing. I am pretty sure that everyong at the Korean Air gate knew that I was completely lost because I tried to load the first class door. Once they told me where to go I drop anything that I had in my hands everywhere. Finally one of the men at the gate just told me to go through the first class gate. Score, but kinda pathetic. The plane ride was extremely long! I enjoyed most of it though. I could have done without some of the people, but whatever you win some you loose some. I got to Incheon Korea around 5:30 pm on October 20. Thats around 1:30 am in California. I got off and did all my stuff quit nicely if you ask me. Well I did drop all of my stuff again, but this time I just laughed, and didn't look so pathetic. We I got through customs, and met Hee-Jung the coordinator in Seoul. She is SO nice. After we left the airport we came back to my apartment. She told me that it was small and boy is it. I really do like it though. It's very homey. After dropping off my stuff we went to the office where I will be teaching. The real reason I went there though was because Mom wanted me to call her asap. I was suprised when she answered so early in the morning there. It was good to talk to her and Dad after such a long day. After that we tried to find a place to eat, but most of the restraunts were closed so we went to the super market. It was so different than in America. All of the produce is weighed by someone who works there, and they are like yelling the prices at you the whole time. It was hillarious. We also ate at the market some kind of soup. Here they usually only eat with chopsticks and spoons. It was so hard eating with chopsticks and some older lady laughed at me and tried to help me but I still didn't get it. Hee-Jung thought that it was funny to. I was way frustated though, and finally I started to slurp. I told Hee-Jung that I would be amazing at using chop sticks by the time I left though, and I will! So that was my first day in Korea. Some pictures to document.

So ready to go!

I am in Korea!
All of my luggage!

Grandma, Grandpa, & Me

Me & my siblings

Mom and Dad

Just the Family

Pulling into LAX

Korean Air counter
Checking in
Look at the planes
Its tradition!


Ashlynn said...

So I like our picture of us in the bathroom.

Cuatro's Mom said...

I miss you, Rainbow Bright. And, don't worry, Kate cried most of the first day she was here. I guess my hair isn't big enough. We are very proud of you.