Monday, October 29, 2007

I thought it was....but it wasn't....

First of all thank you to everyone that has been commenting on my blog. I like to hear from you guys, and love reading all of your comments. So today was good. I was woken up by Dave Bunting & Clan calling me on skype. I know no matter what he says he misses me. I think I haven't seen Lindsey yet because she is going to reveal that he really does miss me. Anyways I then talked to EVERYONE who was at family dinner. It was so funny. All of my little cousins were so impressed that they could see me on the computer, but even more impressed that they could see themselves, but when we got on a conference call with Dave I was nothing to them anymore, and he was the shiz. Whatever. So then I just talked to my Family for a while + Emma + the West's + the Long's. I talked to Grandma and Grandpa which was good. I knew I would miss them, but I didn't realized how much I would miss them. Then I spent a long time talking to Brittney and Emma. It was so weird seeing them together, and me not be with them. It was ridiculous how long we talked. After I got off with them I got ready for my day. My thing lately has been to turn on music that is on Brittney's page and turn it up loud enough so that I can hear it while in the shower. So I hope everyone on my floor like whatever is on her play list. Once I was dressed I got another call from Mom this time she was home, and I got a chance to talk to her and Ash a little longer. Then Stef joined the chat. It was funny talking to them this way, but it made me feel like I was at home. I need my Stef time so it was good. I set off for work then. So I knew that it was going to be cold outside because I could see/hear the tree's blowing outside of my window, and I checked the weather on so that always help. I had no idea how cold it was though. I stepped out side and I started to freeze. California living didn't help prepare me for the cold here. Everyone else on the other hand was still walking around in light clothes while I was wearing a scarf gloves and a massive jacket. The bus ride was fun as always. I always stand and pay before the bus stops, and hold onto the railing as it is coming to a complete stop. Well today I couldn't find my phone that has my card on it and I didn't realize that the bus was stopping. When I did it was to late. I practically flew across the bus, and landed on a cute little Korean lady who seemed a little startled by the lack of breathing room I was giving her. It's okay though I now feel like her and I have a bond. Well work was good. My class was fun. It makes me laugh when they say stuff to me in Korean, and I act like I have an idea of what they are saying. I don't and I laugh along with them when they laugh. At the end of class they gave bread which was way nice of them. It seemed colder than it did earlier. Everyone was now feeling it. I saw a girl who just left her Academy and was wearing her uniform. She looked cold and I thought about giving her my scarf, but then I thought NO then I'll be cold too. Haha I need to work on my Christ like qualities, but I forget them when my brain is freezing! Anyways I stopped at a beauty shop and picked up some nail polish remover. It was funny play charades with the lady to make sure that was what it was. I gestured painting my nails and then wiping off the nail polish rapidly. She laughed and agreed.So here is the list of thing that I thought it was......but it wasn't....

1.Dinner-I thought it was normal Bibimbap, but it wasn't. It was fish style with fish eggs in it. It was different, but I was so hungry I didn't' care.
2.Snacks-A lady was selling stuff out of a snack car. I thought it was a churro, but it wasn't. It was pig intestine on a stick. Not something I'll be snacking on.
3.Cat-I thought it was a normal cat, but it wasn't. It was a ninja cat. There was a cat running, and then hiding under cars, and then running, and hiding under cars. Most cats in America will just kick it in the street until they are like inches away from your car. I think I have an idea of why.

Walking home I saw another dog. Second time I have seen him. He runs up to me so I can pet him and then tries to follow me home so his owners yells for him. He is so cute and wears a little Adidas jacket. I will get a picture next time. I still love the doorman at my apartment who always practices him English on me. He is starting to get good. He now says "I'm doing good" instead of "I'm is doing bad". It was a good day. Now I am home. I'll try it though.I am going to go to bed. Until next time! : )

Only pictures I've taken all weekend, but so good.

Ash was telling an intense story,

Brittney liked seeing herself in the web cam,

and Heather just wanted to see.

They were telling me a story.
Emma....well I'll leave this on up to your imaginations! Haha. Love her


Twylla Gibbens said...

You sound like your having so much fun. I am so jeolous! It is so much fun reading all of the things you get to do. Have fun!

Ashlynn said...

I like how I was talking while you took the picture. My lips look all weird.

Ashlynn said...

I like the one of the bat, oh uh, I mean Emma. Hahaha. i'm just kidding.

Anonymous said...

haha dude i look forward to reading whatever you write cuz its freaking funny! haha oh and you better make sure those little kids aren' like cussing you out in Korean or anything. haha :)

jessica said...

I want a web cam! How much did yours cost?? I feel all left out. Email me girl. I miss you!