Monday, October 22, 2007

My Apartment

As some of you know my apartment is way small, but I love it! So I put some up so that you guys could see where I live, and my view. It's overcast today, but my view is normally awesome.

without a kitchen...

with a kitchen
my walk way

my frig
my shoe closet right next to my door. (You have to take them off before you enter the apartment)
Bathroom pics
my apartment from the hallway

the office space
my small shower
my toilet
my bathroom sink

Veiw from my apartment

View from the right side
View from the left side
I am telling you CRAZY drivers!


Garrett said...

i wanna come and visit!
ur house looks decent! totally.
im loving the pictures
i ate some korean food just for u today... rice and seaweed!
its really good, try it.
much love

Sarah said...

Hey this is Sarah, so reading everything totally made me miss you so much more, but I'm so glad its turning out to be such a great experience for you, love you!

cpreston said...

Everything is so clean and shinny. Love the appartment. Very happy for you. Kate and I miss you tons.

BrittanyB said...

I think you put your shoe closet by the door on purpose so you could show off how many shoes you fit in to your luggage ;)

mlong said...

Hey Alexis, I think today is exactly one week and we all miss you. Family dinner definitely is not the same w/o you. I did however see Adam ands Ash hug each other. It is really fun to see how tiny everything is. Now I now why the compact car is Asia's most enduring export. Now that Sam and I know how to do this expect to hear from us again soon. She said she would write tonight, but I can play in my office.
Have fun!!!