Friday, October 26, 2007

Fly, Follower, Scarf, and Noodles

So today was good. I was woken up by this massive fly. It had been flying around my apartment all night. Well it woke me up because it was flying right above my head hitting the window trying to get out. I tried to help it get out of the window, but it was to stupid to figure it out. Well after about 30 minutes of trying to help fly, and it semi attacking me I'd had enough. I just killed it. Normally I'm down with the PETA people, but this fly had to go especially after it woke me up. Anyway after that I talked to the family on Skype. It was good to here from them because I got to talk to Ash. It seems like I've talked to everyone else except here so we talked for a really long time. After getting dressed for the day I decided to go to the market to get some stuff that I needed. I walked through the park and it was nice because there was a ton of kids there today, and it was funny to watch them play. The kids here are hilarious. There were two kids on a bike and the one peddling kept hitting all the bumps he could to try to eject the kid on the back off. I don't think it ever worked, but the one in the front was laughing while the kid on back wanted nothing to do with him anymore. Well I never made it to the market. I stopped at this hat/glove/sock/black market jewelry/purse hut/headband stand, and boy oh boy did I have fun. The lady at the stand ran up to me and started putting hats on me, and showing me how to wear them. I thought it was funny that she would shake her head and rip a hat off of me if she thought it didn't look good. I got the cutest hat ever I am pretty sure. I went to drop some stuff back off at my apartment, and I walked through the park again. When I left the park I noticed that I was being followed. It was a little boy on a bike. He followed me half way down the block until I finally turned around and said Hi in English. He got a really big smile and said Hi back and then peddled of quickly. I think that he just wanted to make sure that I spoke english. Well I went to work right after that and worked on my lesson all day. Hee-Jung and I went to dinner, and we got some kind of black noodles. Well of course I had chopstick drama again! I cannot for the life of me get noodles with chopsticks. Hee-Jung asked me if I wanted a fork and I was so excited. Well basically when she asked for a fork I looked like a deer in head lights. Everyone in the restaurant looked to see who the freak who wanted a fork was even the cook took a look. Well the freak would be me. It's okay though. I couldn't finish the noodles but they sure were good. The lady who was serving us came up to me before I left and asked me if the food was delicious(in Korean). Hee-Jung translated for me and I told her it was. She kinda giggled and then smiled. She was way nice. Well the rest of the night was good. Class went good, and I am so going to become fluent in Korean so that I can know what my class laughs about. Haha we'll see. So here are the only pictures that I took today! Until next time. ; )

The park near my apartment

me walking through the park all bundled up

(notice the scarf britt)
My pink puchases

(scarf & hat)
so exciting!


BrittanyB said...

cute cute hat and scarf! The park looks nice, and you look fabulous in the blue scarf ;)

Kelsie Maher said...

you are a dork. and i highly doubt it could possibly be colder there than it is here, so suck it up! :)
but i do love the park picture. and i'm right there with ya on the fork being a neccesity.

Ashlynn said...

The park would be prettier if I was standing in the middle of it.