Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Weekend

(If things don't make sense figure it out. I'm tired and Mom is not awake to correct me)
So this post is for the entire weekend. Well Saturday was okay. I went to the LOTTE with Sister Burton, and Brinn. It was fun. That place is crazy! Everything looks the same, but it's all way different. I have decided that before I leave I will buy four things-

  1. A knitted sweater because everyone wears them here and they are way cute, and not like anything in the U.S

  2. A pair of boots because once again everyone, and everywhere, and I like them so much more now that I am here

  3. Maybe a purse because there are so many good deals here.

  4. Chopsticks because if you think for one second that I am going to learn how to use those puppies and then loose the skill you are dead wrong.

Anyways. I didn't buy much just scarfs again. I have really grown found of them since coming here. They are so not a bad investment either because I can use them in Idaho too. It was cool to just chill with the Burtons. They are both so nice. We ate lunch at the Paris baguette. They are everywhere here and really good. I wasn't feeling very well, and after lunch I came home and slept. I hate not having comforts of home when I'm sick. Later that night I thought that if I went out and took a walk maybe I wold feel better. All and all I walked for at least three miles. No joke! I saw someone on the bus the other day with Subway, and I was determined to find it. I was kinda frustrated because I wanted to ask someone, but no one could answer me. I was set on finding Americans. Well I found them, but they were in a Pub and I had no desire to go in. Finally I just called Pizza Hut. No one there spoke English either, but they hung up and called me back four times until they could finally find an English speaker. That would never happen in America. If there is a language barrier to bad for you. On my way home when I was on the phone with P.H I walked by 2 girls who just stared the whole time I was speaking because once again it was English. I said hi and waved, and then said it back all excitedly and then ran off. It was cute. I promise you that no pizza has ever tasted so good, and for the first time in a week I didn't wake up in the middle of the night hungry. It didn't exactly help my stomach, but I didn't wake up hungry. Talked a little on Skype. Then I went to sleep because I was feeling lozy again. Yeah real exciting day I know.

Well today was good. I didn't go to the English ward because Elder & Sister Residori spoke, and after all they have done for me the least I could do was go and support them. Well I won't make that mistake again! Classes went well. We made it to the third hour all good. Well In sacrament meeting I was just sitting there minding my own business. Singing in English as usual while everyone else sang in Korean while the kids in front of me laughed. Well right after the sacrament prayer the Bishop came running down from the stand. He ran over to the row I was sitting in and asked me in broken English to introduce myself to the ward because Elder Chea was up there and could translate. Meanwhile he was holding up sacrament because he is supposed to be served first. I of course said yes. What are you supposed to say in a situation like that. This was my worst nightmare! I don't like speaking in my own ward where half of the people can't even hear you yet alone speaking in a different country in front of people I don't know. I was so nervous. It went fine though. I shook the whole time, but I don't think anyone noticed. After church we had lunch. Oh how I love that they feed us after sometimes. We had curry. It was really good. I was surprised. Everyone said that it was going to be hot, but it wasn't, and I was stoked. Before I went home Sister Burton brought me down a big bag full of food. She said that it would due for a while. Once again so nice. She is amazing to me. I have to think of something nice to do for her, and the Residori's. Any idea's would help. Well I came home, and talked to Garret(shout out) for a while. I talked to a girl here who was going to a YSA activity, and I decided to go. Well when I went outside it was pouring! Nothing I've ever seen in old California. It was crazy. I am not sure that I like that much rain all at once. I met up with the KaRyn for the activity. Her friend (Lumina) asked me if I was from Texas. I said no and wondered why she asked. She said it was because I had an accent, and then she realized I was from California, and told me that I had a California accent. Way cool I've always wanted an accent. The YSA activity was cool. I was really nervous, but it was fun. Everyone was nice, and really welcoming. Haha who would've thought my first YSA activity would be in another country. Anyways. I was there for most of the night. Well I took the subway home. Today I went across the river and back and made 2 transfers without getting lost. I think I am starting to get the hang of it. Yeah! All things considered my first week here was good. Well no pictures today, but I'll get some soon!

Thanks all!

P.S I've started bowing. So weird, but I just can't turn it off now.


Renee Villanueva said...

I am so glad that you had such a good time in church. I am glad that you were brave and spoke in church. Good girl. I was not "asleep" or "unavailable" I was at the stake activity and both times we could have talked I was gone. I will catch you today. I love you.

Hunts said...

Alexis! I was so excited to hear the fun news of you WORLD TRAVELS! How awesome. There are not very many girls that I know who are ambitious and brave enough to do what you are doing. I am jealous and wish I could have done something like that before I got married. I hope you are enjoying all of the new experiences. This will help you in SO many ways and you will help so many others because of it. I miss you and hope your week is wonderful. Keep in touch. Check out my blog for pics of the new baby.

Garrett said...

haha i like the shout out!!
much love
i talked to u till like 1am!

Melissa Waller said...

scarfs for idaho, i'm so excited, i love reading all your blogs, they're so exciting, hope everything is going great, miss you