Thursday, October 25, 2007

MMM Velveeta!

So today was fun. I finally got a really good night of sleep, and slept in later than usual. I went to lunch with Sister Residori, Sister Burton, and Brynne. I like having lunch with them because it's nice to have people who a) speak English & b) help me adjust to living in a foreign country without my family or friends. We had some kinda soup and it was good. It had like pot sticker things in it, but I really had a hard picking them up with my chopsticks, and it became really frustrating. So I just started to stab them, and it worked out marvelously. I am going to be good at chopsticks if it kills me though! I had Kimchee with rice like Jeff suggested and I loved it! Way good. After lunch I headed right to work, but I had a little time when I got to the Songpa-yuk I took the subway to the mission home, and back to Songpa without getting lost! SCORE! Yes, Kelsie you can be proud. Anyways so I looked around for a while, and stopped at some of the shops that I have wanted go into just not had a chance. I got the cutest scarf ever, and I am way stoked about it. Work was good today. After I came home, and planned to go to the Market. As some of you know I haven't really eaten a ton since arriving here because I don't know what anything is because everything is labeled in Korean. So as soon as I stepped outside it started to sprinkle. I just laughed and kept walking. I was really just to lazy to come back up to my room to get my umbrella. The market was ok I spent a lot of time looking at things to make sure that they were what I wanted though. The people in the fish department kept trying to sell me fish. They yell at people from across the store to come over and look, and when it was my turn and I told them I didn't speak Korean, and didn't understand one of the ladies took me by the arm and showed me everything that she had to offer. I felt bad, but I told her next time and she kinda shook me, and then laughed and said "ok ok next time next time." The best part of the whole trip was when I found what I think is Diet Coke, Pringles, and......(insert trumpet noises) Velveeta! I could sware that I almost screamed when I saw the Velveeta though. The lady who was stocking shelfs next to me laughed. Well after my walk home in the rain I made my grilled cheese sandwich with velveeta, and had my first homemade meal here. It was probably the best grilled cheese I've had ever. MMM Velveeta! Well I would say that I was most proud of my successful shopping today so I took pictures to document. Till next time. Enjoy!

My first set of groceries!

MMM Velveeta!

(who knew cheese could make me so happy?)


Lacy Kennington said...

You are such a nerd I love it! Sounds like your doing good and are becoming familiar with the area. I'm glad you found some American food to eat thats important..That food you have to use choppers for looks questinable. Take care of your self now.

BrittanyB said...

Looks like you got the essentials ;) Velvetta, pringles, hershey bar, all the American staples !

dendlac said...

What up cuz - it's amazing how some of the creature comforts of home can make you feel so much better when you are so far away.

I'm proud of you - keep up the great work. (send me an email with your bank account number so I can put some money in for you)


Marci Camenisch said...

What? No Top Ramen? I couldn't survive a trip to any foreign country without it. Sounds like you are having a great time. You are so brave, and so positive. Keep it up, girl.

Marci Camenisch

utahmary said...

Hi Falexis - I love your blogs, they are hilarious! I'm glad to see you're in good's always helpful to have Pringles! We love you!

Corinne said...

Doesn't look like a point friendly shopping trip. Oh well, I think I heard points don't exsist outside the US.

Renee Villanueva said...

There are points everywhere don't listen to Corinne.