Friday, December 14, 2007

It's snow for real this time.....

I am pretty sure the last it snowed, and I got excited was just a false alarm because tonight has been so much better. You better believe I grabbed my camera, and ran outside at 11 PM in my pajamas, and moccassin's(old one's Stef's your just mean to much to me). I am so pleased with Korea currently. I hope that you are too. I threw in one other picture from my day in, but I am just so excited about the snow.

Well this one is important to me because I feel so good about my height in this one. I am the average!
Well you see what happened was I thinking I just love Korea so it just made sense to write ♥ Korea on some random car.

Now it's I ♥ Korea

So much snow! I am so glad!

Well that is all for today. I will actually post about the happs of today tomorrow, but the snow took away from that time. Have a great day!


BrittanyB said...

you're right, that does look like real snow this time. get used to it my friend!

Brynne said...

You're so good at keeping your blog updated.

lupe said...

Well, my friend HAPPY LATE B-DAY. I hope your are having the time of your life it is a great learning experiance that you will never forget. So Jackie and I miss you alot take care and keep up the good work. Let us know when you get in town so we can do dinner. luv ya lots