Sunday, December 2, 2007

The biggest best blog ever........

and you only had to wait 4 days to get it. Well this isn't going to be short so put the kids away, grab a cup of choco(that's how the Koreans say it), and pull up a chair because I am going to update you on my fun filled life. Starting with Friday, and going till Monday.
First just a couple shout outs to a few people-
Ashlynn:I need the recording of you playing O Holy Night on the Harp. Stop pretending that you have a life now that your in high school!
Brittany:Yes crash course maybe a necessity, and I am looking forward to our Christmas cooking party.
Callie:Check! I will be on the look out for dogs with clothes, and shoes.
Corinne Preston:I think that there is something wrong with your e-mail because I haven't got any picture of Kate in my inbox lately. Weird. You should work on that.
Dad:Three more weeks! Be excited! Get some sleep! Love ya!
Dave Bunting:Yes! I have seen many Ninja fights in the streets. You know Korea's just ninja fighting left, and right it's just out of control. Next time I see one I will be sure to record it or take pictures
Emma:miss you best friend! Costco cake for sure you bring the cake I'll bring the forks.
Kelsie:I forgive you for helping with the murder of Bambi & I have figured out our new secret weapon, but I won't say what it is because then it won't be a secret anymore. We learned that one the hard way.
Lindsey Bunting:Congrats you little tall graduate you!
Mandi:Keep that baby in, but she needs to be here before January 4th! Love ya girly.
Mom & Grandma:I am so excited for the project you have been working on.
Stef:I loved your package. It made me so happy! Love ya best friend!
Uncle Ron:I love you and I hope you feel better. We need eggs at Christmas don't forget that.
Uncle Robert:Annyeoughasayo!
sorry if I left out anyone. Don't be upset there is still time.

Well enough of the that. Here we go with the really stuff!
Friday was alright. I did get a package from Stefanie though that just made me so excited! I pretty much tackled the mail man because I couldn't control myself, and he was just taking forever to give me the goods. Hot choco for days and some nice new moccasin's. My feet or stomach will be warm now! The rest of the day was just normal. I did take this great route to work though that shot me right into some street market behind some buildings. It was great, and there was a ton of good stuff! I was kinda of afraid though because I didn't know what anyone was saying because most of them didn't speak a word of English except for the random man who stopped me just to say hello, and then walked away after I said hi. He walked away like he had accomplished something great, and was patting himself on the back for his success. The simple things. So I did what any smart girl would do when she was in a weird market. I just walked right through it, and it put me on the street of my office building! It was just lovely! For once a short cut that worked, and was eventful. The rest of the day was just the norm. By the end of the night though I was hating life because I didn't feel good again. All of that changed when I was strolling down my street, and I noticed Christmas lights. Well they were on my building! I couldn't have been more happy or pleased with my building management. I would like to think that it was the security guard who does thumbs up who suggested it just for me. The lights really did make my day, and I was satisfied.

Saturday was just a great day that I loved! So it started with me Skyping home for the first and last time for the entire weekend. It was a good time. I told the boys about my plans to go to World Cup Stadium, and all he had to say was "that's great get me something good!". After talking for a while longer I was off. My day was great! I met the Residori's in Sinchon after their session, and we went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant that I just thought was great! Then we went to the Seoul World Cup Stadium. To some this may seem so lame, but I was stoked. We went through the Museum, played some games that made us all look ridiculous, and then went to the souvenir shop. Aaron's words just kept ringing in my head. I think that I will make him proud with my purchases. After shopping there we went into the actual stadium. It was huge of course, and I just loved it. We also got to walk through the building, and we went into the locker room which was sweet, but later figured out that we weren't supposed to have gone in there. Oh well we were none wiser. So after the World Cup experience we headed to Itaweon. Another great experience! It was just so much fun. Once again use my amazing bargaining skills. I impress myself sometimes. I also got a Hard Rock Cafe Seoul shirt because you better believe that even though it's not open yet I got it. My other great purchase was a Korea shirt that I am just in love with. The lady at the shop was quick to tell us that her shirts were made in Korea not like everything else on the streets that were from China, and to go with this great investment some Korea socks. I bought two pair because I thought that my Missionary friends would enjoy them, and if they don't it was Cameron's idea, but how could you not love Korea socks honestly? Final purchase of the night was my zebra print ear muffs. I just love em. Sister Residori thought that is what I needed to keep my ear's warm so I took her advice, and bought them. I am so proud of them. Well the Residori's went home, and I met up with my friend Diane for dinner. We ate at some place called Helio's that ended up being a bar/club but the food was great! If they would card people in Korea I would know it's an okay zone or not. We both got burger's that we just perfect maybe because that was some of the first meat that I can remember eating in Korea that wasn't fried or covered in red sauce. Not complaining though. Well after dinner we took the subway to City Hall because Diane wanted to show me some stuff. Well City Hall ended up being just swell. There was ton's of Christmas lights, and tree's to enjoy, and some people were setting up an ice rink. It was magical. We went walking to find stuff, and found this great river that had tons of people around it. Great place to take pictures, but they weren't all great. There was also this huge statue that I loved, and while I was taking pictures a man wanted me to take a picture with his son which was a little weird, but I obliged. The man asked me where I was from, and seemed less that impressed that I was from the U.S. He asked me if I was Russian, and I wasn't sure how to take that. Well after our photo shoot we went home because we both had church the next morning. I fell asleep on the subway which was so odd. I feel more Korean everyday!

Sunday started out a little rocky. I had a really hard time getting up and going. When I was finally ready to go to church I knew I was going to be late if I took the bus so I took a taxi which I don't really like to do on my own because 1. I don't like the awkward silence, and 2. if he gets lost I wouldn't know what to do, and I would be lost in Korea. Plus it was Sunday. Well I told the driver where to go, and he looked at me like I was dumb, and finally figured out what I was saying. Well after about a minute of silence the driver told me in clear English that I was just confusing, and that I didn't say the subway station right at all. He then made me say Bangi till I said it right. I felt like a retard. Once again Korean isn't my strong point. Finally I got to church which was great. I was walking up the stairs, and my shoe fell off which I just thought was great because it really just fell off, and stayed right where I stepped, and I went back to get it because I thought that might be something that I might need. Well the Korean ward was great! It was probably the best Sunday that I have been there honestly. After I went to the Burton's to watch the Nativity Story which was great, and then ended up staying there the rest of the evening. At one point there was some odd riot/north Korea invasion/presidential election going on that neither Brynne nor I could figure out what was going on. The more and more I think about it Dave was probably right. It was probably a Korean ninja fight. We must have missed the beginning of it though.

Finally Monday! So today was plain cold, and crazy! Well last night I realized that I left my phone at the Burton's. Yes people don't for one second think that just because I am on my own in a different country that I have lost my ability to forget my personal belongings everywhere! Thankfully Brynne found it and took it down to the Mission office so I could pick it up today. I woke up rather early. I thought that it was late because if I don't set an alarm then I will just sleep until whenever I feel like getting up which can sometimes be around noon. So around 9 I got up ran got in the shower, and got dressed, and then realized that it was only 9:30. It was just great. So then I of course just slacked off for about 2 hours. I did do a little cleaning though. I figure I better start getting rid of things so I don't have to do it all the last week. I also talked to the family as much as I could on Skype while they were at family dinner. The connections was bad from Rhonda's house so I was just frustrated, and everyone else did too so we quit talking. Mom did claim though that she did try calling, but I have no proof, and she was logged of 98.3% of the weekend, but she doesn't think so. Stefanie maybe? Well then I was off to work. Once I got to work I realized two things. 1. I forgot my rent, and other things at my apartment both of which were rather important 2. I hadn't got my phone. So I caught a cab back to my apartment, and then caught another one to the Mission office. Even though Sunday's cab driver made me feel dumb his lesson in Korean sure did help because the one today didn't speak a word of English, and when I said it the way I was taught on Sunday he understood me! I felt so Korean once again. Well I ran up and got my phone, talked to Sister Residori a little, and then caught my third taxi back to work. It was just one big game of musical taxi's today. Great fun though, and I must say I do like to flag down taxi's. Weird. Well once I was back at work I worked of course. For dinner Heejung wanted to get Spaghetti. Well on our walk there she said that we should go some where else because it was a long walk, and I just said lets go anyways because we were already walking. Well who knew that it really was a long walk, and all up hill. We worked for that spaghetti. It was good. There was a few Korean twisted of course, but good nonetheless. Class tonight was tons of fun. I feel like I can finally semi have a conversation with the people in my class, and they are even starting to understand what I am saying even if I talk fast which I just love. After work I ran to the bus stop because I wanted to get home asap, and it was freezing! Finally I was home, and I was so excited! My ears were cold so I put on my ear muffs that I forgot to take with me today, but don't worry I will so rock those babies in public tomorrow! I am still wearing them actually. Well this blog has become my life because anything that I do I think about blogging, and whether it is blog worthy. I also have a hard time going to sleep because I feel like my day isn't complete until my blog is updated. Tonight will be a great sleep because I am all caught up! Well I have less than three weeks left, and I am sad, but getting excited to come home for 2 weeks! Hope you all enjoy the pictures!
Sporting the Ear muffs!
Big Sign
Great Floor
Soccer balls gone Gold
The Stadium
For Ashlynn(tradition)
right:What can I say? I am excited!
I don't even know
right:For Emma(tradition)


BrittanyB said...

is that toilet really that low?! weird! Your ear muffs are sweat!

Alexis said...

That's not a toilet all that's a squatter toiloet. It's a whole in the ground that women squat over, and do their business. I have refused to use them because I don't think that squatting while peeing should be done unless you are in the wild, or it is an emergency. All the subway restrooms here are 8 stalls of squatters, and 2 toilets.

Alexis said...
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Cuatro's Mom said...

I am so glad you got the package. And, you got it in time to enjoy the cocoa before you come home. BTW, I am only responsible for Friday night and Saturday between the hours of 4pm and 8pm. If they didn't talk to you the rest of the time it is not my fault.

Callie said...

Hey thanks for the shout out! Don't act like I didn't brag to your mom today that I was number 3 on the list!! Whoop Whoop! She didn't care though. I thought it was great!

And I will appreciate any dog pictures you post...but i really like them in shoes!! haha!

Ashlynn said...

Oh, I like your blog of the week! It is quite enjoyable! And I can't wait to wear your ear muffs for the 2 weeks that you are home, or maybe just get my own pair of matching ear muffs to match the sweater.

Anonymous said...

haha that was definately the longest blog yet. :)