Sunday, December 16, 2007

The beginning of the end......

So I started this blog on Sunday night. Even though it's two days late I am still using the same title. I really do love that it sounds so morbid.
The Weekend
Well people I have just had my possible last weekend in Seoul. Oh how it has been a joyous one too. It was so relaxed, and that's why I liked it.
I spent Saturday with the Burton's in Dongdaemun. Which overall I was just so pleased with. The highlight of my day would really have had to been the never ending show of Korean dance groups. So entertaining. The flee Market would have to be second. Really just no words to describe it. By far my best purchase of the day, or even the whole time here in Korea was a pair of white framed glasses that I bought. Only in Korea could I find them, be proud of them, and purchase them. After Dongdaemun we went back to the Burton pad, and had some Waffles. I really love waffles, and after two months of no waffles I was really just so happy with them. Then the Residori's came over to watch Ratouille. I so don't think I spelled it right, but thats okay. It wasn't as great as I remebered it being, but it is still a cute movie. After the movie I came home. I was to so tired. I think that I even started to get a lazy eye. Weird I know, but when I am really tired I have one. I got into the elevator on the way up to my apartment, and I tossed my stuff against the elevator wall to dig through my purse really fast. Well the place that I ended up putting my purse ended up being where the emergency button was. I set off the alarm!!!! I just about died of a heart attack. The next thing I knew there was some mans voice was in the elevator with me semi yelling frantically. I think he was asking me if I was okay, and I just kept saying "I am okay I am okay", then he would say something like "adkikd kifhed", and we repeated that back and forth a few times. It doesn't help when you don't speak the same language. I just left the elevator saying "good night! I am okay! Sorry!" You know they hate me. Good thing it wasn't a real emergency though because we wouldn't have understood each other, and I might still be in the elevator. I came right in and just crashed. It was just too much excitment for my heart.
I just liked the scenery.......
We liked what the store had written on it. Good call with the pic Brynne.

Sunday was just fun. I woke up late, but made it to church okay. I went to the Songpa Ward because as lame as it made sounds thats where it started to me. I was a good day! First Young Womens was fun. Sister Residori and I didn't have a translator so Stacy translated for us, and her interpretation was just so good. After Young Women's the girls took a picture with me and it just made me so happy. They told me that they were going to miss me even though most of them don't talk to me, but we were connect at heart. Sister's in Zion. There was normally more of them, but I was glad that they were so glad to take the picture even though it doesn't look like it. Sometimes people here are just so happy to take a picture, but when the camera flashes they don't have a smile on their face. They really were happy though.

After young women's we hit up Gospel Doctrine. I met the new teachers who are coming for the next semester. Wow. Then we went to Sacrament meeting. I was sooo glad that they sang Christmas songs. Hark the Herald Angles Sing was one of the songs. I can never get through that song anymore because of my Dad, and A Charlie Brown Christmas. If you haven't heard the Charlie Brown version of that song you should go listen to it because that is the only version that I know, and I can necer get through the song without laughing. I would have made my Dad so proud. After church we had something to drink for one of the boys in the ward that left this week to serve a mission in Japan. The one whoes house we went to to have dinner last week. After that there was some kind of choir practice. Then had some food which was spicier than normal. That is when this great picture was captured. Me Annie, and the Bishops daughters. We really have all bonded.

Heejung had to take the two guys to the Express bus so that they could go to where they are going to be staying, and teaching for the next few months. So we took this. Heejung is a big fan of this one.
Then we went back to choir practice. I was participating until I realized that I won't be here when they preform. They realized that I was leaving this week too. We talked a little about me possibly coming back next year, they told me that they were going to miss me, and someone said that they would look forward to me coming back, and that they would wait for me. The first thought that comes into my mind with that phrase if funny, but it was sweet the way the meant it. I got really emotional and told them to just start singing. This was seriously the first time that I realized how much I have come to love the people here, and how much I am going to miss Korea. I thought that I was going to be okay. Now I know that I am going to be sadder than I thought.

After a few rounds of singing hymns in Korean Brynne, and I ditched out, and went upstairs. I spent the rest of my day there. I even took a nap which I thought was odd because I was just napping at the Burton's but some how I feel closer. It takes a certain bond for me to nap at someone's house. Then we had our last Sunday dinner together. I am just thinking of ways to make this sadder. After dinner Brynne, and I took a picture that made me look super short. Really I am much taller than I look. I just always have my knee's bent. Then we sang some Carol's, and played Christmas Duet's. I think that I semi have it down, and that was a goal remember? I feel good about it. Then they gave me a ride home. Once I was home I started updating my blog, and then got all crazy about packing. I stopped both, and crashed.
This is me being sad that my weekend was over.

Monday was great! It started with actually talking to my family. They called from family dinner, and it still makes me laugh when all of the litte cousins gather around. After we hung up I went to work. Work was fun. I had a lot to do. I got it all finished, but it seems like this week I just keep forgetting things so I spent a lot of time making lists. For dinner we went to the chinese restaurant where they served me the super hot soup and I took a picture with the staff. They remebered me, and it was just one big happy reunion. It was my last day for the adult class. It was also the big debut of the glasses. They loved them, and just made me feel good about my purchase. I was sad when I found out that it was the last class with them, but better to spring it on me than to let me think about it. They decided to throw me a going away party after class at a Noriban which mean Karaoke place. We went to karaoke! I seriously can't sing to save my life! Karaoke was so much fun though. The women who I thought were all shy, and timid were just belting it out! My song selection was just priceless.
1. Ain't No Mountain High enough by Diana Ross. I was so nervous for some reason, and it was a different version than I thought it was going to be, and I bombed! I made up for it though with the next one.
2. 1, 2 step by Ciara. It really was a crowd pleaser when I started the rap. I was just so happy. Emma, and Ashlynn would have been sooo proud.
3. Surfin USA by the Beach Boys. This one was so that Gi Yun, and I could sing together. Watching all of those Full House re-runs sure payed off with that one.
I decided to just sit back and watch for a while. Then they realized that it was two hours later, and that we needed to start heading home before 11! Well before we ended they told me I had to sing the last song. I almost died so I picked one that everyone knew so that it could be a group activty. We sang ABBA Dancing Queen. It was so much fun, and then we sang another ABBA song because one ABBA song just isn't enough. This was the last time that I was going to see Choi Yun. She was so nice, and kept telling me thank you for everything, and that she was going to miss me. I was so sad! She gave me a hug which I don't think is really a Korean thing. I just said thank you so much, I would miss her too, and then just walked away because I was going to loose it if I didn't walk away fast enough. Well once I got home I started to update again, but then I got packing crazy again! I went to bed shortly after that I am starting to think that packing stressing me out, and that makes me tired.
It really was just a party.
I don't think this needs words.

Today was Tuesday, and was low key. I had the hardest time getting up this morning. I had the worst night of sleep, and it always works out that when you finally get the sleep thing down you have to get up. I talked to my family a little before they went out for Adam's dinner. Happy Birthday Adam! Once I was at work I did just that work, and made some more list, and wrote a letter. I had to record some of the last lesson's. Heejung and I went to dinner at my favorite place. I have voted this place for the rest of the week because I just love the people there. The lady who gave me the Sue Jay Be was there, and we took a picture because I just feel like it had to be done.
We bonded over soup, and now look at us. Best Friends.

After dinner I went to return my DVD, and was sporting the Glasses. Then we went to the 980 won store. I just love that there is an equivalent to the 99 cent store. Then we went back to the lesson. We had a lesson with Stacy, and it was so much fun. She had to do interview questions and her answer were priceless. After work I went to the stationary store, and grabbed a few things then came home. I finally finished the packing issue I think. I am pretty sure that I am going to make the luggage weight. I am so glad too. So happy that stress is over. I don't know how I am coming home with less than I came with but I think I have pulled it off. So now that this is done, and the packing problems I can finally sleep! Yeah! Tomorrow no work! It should be fun.
So much fun at the 980 won store. Bam look at those glasses!

Alright good night!


Cuatro's Mom said...

One ABBA song really is never enough. I am glad that you are having fun but we really miss you.
And, in case you haven't been told, I won't be here when you get home. We will be in Napa until the 25th. But we will do something after that.

BrittanyB said...

I love that you look tall in all of those pictures. I hope you are enjoying that while you can ;) and those glasses are sweet, bobby would be jealous. see you soon!

lupe said...

So I've been trying to keep up with your blogs.... AWWWWWWESOME..
you take care now... and keep warm

Renee Villanueva said...

Well the white glasses are great. Are you gonna put RX lenses in them?? Maybe rethink that??

Renee Villanueva said...

you have had years to practice thet "sad" face. Boy have you perfected it.

David said...

if you want i can go box up the rest of your junk and drop ship it to "shing ping ling". hahaha. that way you can stay there till we miss you

Anonymous said...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!