Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Finally all caught up!

Well sorry that I didn't update yesterday. It was just that Wednesday was just such a good day I had to give myself time to recoup.
Tuesday was just a marvelous day. I decided to pretty much finish most of my shopping. I went to the coex because there was one thing there that I knew I wanted. It ended up being just the best experience ever! I took the bus even though I wasn't sure that it was the right one, and it was! There was hardly anyone there because it was the afternoon, and everyone was at work. The lady at the shop was so nice, and helped me without be creepishly close to me like some people here do when I go into stores. I felt like the whole trip was just so great. I even had enough time to stop, and get lunch, and stop by my apartment to drop stuff off, and be at work early. I am just so good sometimes it's scary! Well work was great. I really didn't have much to do except for record & correct lesson's. In my down time I beat the expert level of minesweeper. Really I just left the screen up for a while so that I could admire my work. It had been months since I have won that game. I had to take some time to take it all in. For dinner Heejung, and I went to our favorite restaurant. We decided on Sue Jay Be because I was such a big fan when the lady gave it to me. The lady was there again tonight, and was so excited that I was going to eat what she had suggested. Well we got it, and it was just broth like so I said "oh I thought it was hot" which translated to Heejung as tell the lady behind cooking that we needed it hotter. She did that. I was so hot I seriously couldn't talk. Heejung started laughing because my face was red, and I was trying to pretend that it wasn't hot even though my eyes were starting to get tears in them. It made her so happy for some reason. Everything was better when the man who ran the restaurant told Heejung that I had impressive chopstick skills. I was so over come with emotion. I wanted to say "WEEEEE" like Lisel does in the Sound of Music after Ralph kisses her, and then runs away. I didn't though. If you don't get the Sound of Music reference you should be ashamed. Stacy called, and cancelled our class so I didn't have to go back to the office. I decided to go to Jamsil, and grab the gifts for my little cousins. For some reason Jamsil is always a different experience for me, but it just seems to get better, and better every time. I got the gifts, and found the greatest hat I think. On Wednesday I found out that Brynne bought the same one. I really didn't plan it that way it just happened. I think it's fate really. Anyways I knew I should get the heck out of there because I was just going to end up spending more money so I did just that, and headed home. There was so many great Christmas lights outside. I would have got pictures, but I didn't want to miss my bus. Sorry to disappoint. Don't worry I still have one more week to get some great Korean Christmas light display pictures. Once I was home I updated for Monday, and Tuesday, and then watched the Hills. I love that show. Korea has made addicted. I feel so close to Lauren Conrad it's almost like we are distant cousins or something. Well the best part of my Jamsil trip had to have been the discovery of this fountain. Outside you may ask. NO! It was inside, and I just thought it was so great. After the horrible post office experience this week I knew that Korea didn't hate me after seeing this.

Wednesday was my day off, and it was a good one. It started out a little rocky, but ended on a high note. First off I had the hardest time waking up, but leave it to the Sumo wrestler up stairs to come through, and wake me up. So once I was up I waited for the post man who was supposed to bring my medication for my ears. Mom has me all freaked out that I might now be able to fly home if my ear doesn't get better because my ear drum might pop. It made me so nervous! He didn't show up between the hours he said he would be here so I left. Well I went to go to the church, and have lunch with Sister Residori, and the bus took forever, and a day to come! I could have knitted a sweater for a small person by the time it got there. An hour after the package was supposed to arrive Heejung called me, and told me that it was on it's way. To bad I wasn't home though. So once I got to the church Sister Residori, Brynne, and I left for lunch. I didn't know Brynne was going so that was a treat. Lunch was great. Three English speakers trying to order in a Korean restaurant. Boy am I glad that pointing always works. So we didn't get what we really wanted, but we got half of it, and the effort was grand. After lunch we went back to the church for a bit, and then Brynne, and I headed to the 63 Building(it is a building with 63 floors, and it is just marvelous). I was so glad that Brynne decided this was something I needed to see. It was a grand time. The first great thing to see was this school of kids all walking together holding hands in matching bright orange outfits. I was so happy about their color choices. There was great hallway where the walls changed colors. It is what I image an acid trip to be like. Haha I can't believe I said that. Anyways after that we went up to the observatory deck. It's 60 floors up, and you ride up in a glass elevator! I didn't think this at the time, but I felt a little Willy Wonka like. I know I was feeling it. I wasn't a huge fan of how high up we were, but that's okay I still live to tell that tale. At one point we walked on the thrill deck which I wasn't sure what it was until I had one foot on it. Basically it's a glass floor that you can look down and see all the way to the bottom. Really I could have died. I don't know how anyone even got me to think about walking on it. Bug on a windshield for sure. When we came back down I noticed this great little area on the bottom floor that was all decorated Christmas style. It was just magical. I felt like I was in a winter wonder land....kind of. The best part of the trip had to be me just about dying in the cafe down stairs because Brynne made me laugh, and I was chocking on my smoothie. How do you choke on a smoothie? I don't know, but I know it's possble. Thanks for the great laugh though Brynne. After the 63 building we headed back to the church. I had dinner with the Burton's. Third time this week! I feel like we are on a roll. It's just lovely. Then we went down for English class. It wa great. My favorite part was at the end of the night when the class learned The Twelve Days of Christmas, and one of the little boys who actually speaks English pretty well was the Partridge in a Pear Tree. He sang that part all by himself with his great Little accent. It was just so good. After English class I came home. Overall just a great day. I don't think anyone could disagree.
the school of kids. so great!

Just some Christmas joy down in the 63 Building. I wasn't sure which camera to look at, but I like the picture anyway.

Just for Callie I thought it would make you proud. The dog isn't looking at the Camera, but he is wearing a sweater. He looked like Tramp(from Lady, and the Tramp). He was just the cutest thing ever!

So today was Thursday. It really was one of the most stressful days the whole time I have been here. I finally got my package sent home, but it only took me 1 hour at the post office to send it off. No one spoke a word of English, and I was just having the hardest time. Finally after calling Heejung and letting her talk to the man at the post office we finally got everything sorted out. Then I said I needed my medicine, and I showed him the message that was left on my door. He motioned for me to follow him. I ended up following him into the elevator. Down a hall, and into the post delivery room where about 40 delivery men where. I looked so out of place, and I felt so awkward. It took about five minutes for them to finally find my package, but they came through. Right after I jetted off to work. It was good today. I didn't have much to do, and I am never toren up about that. For dinner we went, and got duckgalbi. I made the comment about how I loved the aprons that the workers were wearing, and I wondered if I could buy one. Heejung ended up asking them! I was so embarassed, and I looked so dumb. I just walked out with my head down, but not before getting a picture with Heejung, and I in our orange aprons for one last time. Class was great with Stacy tonight. We always have a good time. I was glad to come home though, but I was so not glad to go outside because it was freezing! I think it's going to snow. I have started the packing process, and I am horrible at it! My apartment is a disaster! Oh well. I have had a great 3 days, and I will worry about that tomorrow. Such a procrastinator I know. It's a family trait. Haha. Well I hope you all liked this post because I sure enjoyed reliving/reminissing/sharing some of the great moments from the past few days with you.

I will try to post something every night from now until the time I leave. This is my goal. = ]

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