Monday, December 10, 2007

1/2 post...

Well I was going to post Thursday through Monday, but I am just lazy! Sorry. I thought that 5 days might be to long to so I decided to stop. Just know that my sunday was great! Updating tommorow for sure. So here is Thursday-Saturday

was loads of good times. First off I spoke to Aaron on skype. I just love that kid! He really does just have the best things to say, but since he discovered emotions on Skype chat he would rather say them that way, and with smiley faces emotions. Haha. Well after my brief chat with Aaron I was off to work. I had to take a taxi because even though my talk with Aaron was brief it was long because he types like 1.8 words per minute, and then adds an emotion. I am getting good at the awkward rides, and giving directions without using words just grunting, motioning, and nodding. Work was just great! Called home from work, and got to talk to Emma(I think I talked to her more than my family, but that's okay. I love that she was at my house), and then I had a quick little chat with Mom, and a great one with Gram's right before going to work. I had a lot of things to do, but I got them all done on time, and I felt good about it. I had time to play Minesweeper which I have become addicted to/a master of. Heejung, and I had a great talk about many different things, but it was real good. For dinner For dinner we went to the restaurant just down the street from the office(the place with the massive mondu!). We go to this restaurant a lot but I love it, and the staff loves me(not to gloat). Almost every time that we go in there; there is a lady who comes in too, and we are slowly becoming best friends. Well I learned how to count to 10 in Korean which soon became a restaurant project. It was fun, and everyone was so excited once I finally got to ten on my own. I also learned some other handy phrases, but they didn't stick with me as much as the numbers. Well once our dinner got there I was just so excited. It was like I was being rewarded for my counting accomplishment. Plus I have finally reached the point where I can choose, and order my own food(well at least in this restaurant). Well the lady who is always in there when we are was sitting at the next table right next to me(there isn't a lot of space in between tables at some Korean restaurant's). Well when she got her food I looked over, and asked Heejung what it was. Well the lady caught on and motioned toward her plate. I had no idea what she wanted. Next thing I knew heejng was handing the lady Heejung's small bowl. Then Heejung said that she wanted to know if I wanted to try it. Before I could even accept or reject she handed the bowl back full of soup. I guess the decision was made for me. The soup's name was Sue Jay Be. It was marvelous. Way spicy, but tasty. There was a shell fish it is, and I was scared to be honest, but the lady was watching me, and I ate it, and I was surprised at the not grossness of it. All around dinner was great. I went and rented the Da Vinci Code. We went back to the office, and had a lesson with Stacy which seems to be going well. After class I went to go, and pick up item's to send to Bryce, and Bobby. Heejung, and Stacy ended up going with me. It was great to have their opinions. All items in the package are Korean approved which just makes me happy. They are either going to think I am lame or just be thrilled by the items. I vote thrilled by the items. Once I was home I watched the movie. I have never understood that movie. For some reason I thought that if I watched it this time it would make sense. I couldn't understand it with Britt, and Emma explaining it to me so why I thought I would get it this time was beyond me. Nothing could ruin the joy of my day though. Not even the all the confusion, and question's swirling around in my head.

Was just not so exciting. I mailed some post cards, and got a chicken on a stick which is always a joy. It didn't burn my mouth this time because I made Heejung go with me to buy it, and tell the guy to not kill me. I didn't have much to work on because I finished everything the day before. For dinner Heejung took me to some restaurant that seemed to be forever away. I forgot the name of the name of what we ate. I was told that I had to have it because I would regret not having this Korean experience if I didn't try it. Basically it was thick bacon fried in front of us that we wrapped in a lettuce leaf with sauce, and rice. Surprisingly it really was quite enjoyable. Class went great! One of the ladies in my class is a comedian I swear, and I love to hear her answer's. After work I headed to Olive Young to buy some conditioner. I was there for 30 minutes trying to find it, and what I thought was it ended up being just a treatment. Finally someone helped me, and I could semi-stop looking dumb. On my way home I saw this little girl that I have seen once before. She remembered me, and was so happy that I was there. She kept trying to make me chase her, but I could see my breath, and I wanted to go home. Plus I didn't want people to think that I was trying to kidnap her, and get tackled to the ground, taken away in a police car, and spend the night in jail. I have a book that tell's me phrases in Korean when dealing with the police that would have come in handy. On my walk home from the bus stop a fatty cat ran out form under a car, and I just about died! It scared me half to death. It really was a good thing that I used the ladies room before leaving the office. I went straight to bed because I was just tired. Well once I layed down I notice my heater was off, my laptop charger light wasn't on, and my cell phone light wasn't on even though everything was plugged in. My power went out! My apartment was pitch black! My lights wouldn't turn on, and it was just awful. See for most this wouldn't be a big deal, but for me it was. My apartment was pitch black! I don't like not knowing what is in front of me. I live in an electronic building. I have to push a button to open my door. I have to ype in a number to get in. Even my phone to call for emergency services, or the front desk was gone! I was stressed out about it so I just went to bed. Before I fell asleep the power came back. I was relieved to know that I wasn't going to have to Bear Grill it in my apartment in the morning.

Was also a day of fun. I am not even using my subway map anymore. I look at it once, and then I am good. It really make me proud. I went to Seoul Tower with Diane. We rode the cable car up. It was the first cable car ride for the both of us. It was exciting, but a little nerve racking for me. Every thought it was great, but it made me nervouse because if for some reason the cable broke or something happened we would be toast. Bugs on the wind shield pretty much. Once we got off the cable car we had to hike up to the base of the tower. It was so cold! There was snow every where because of the altitude change, but it was so pretty. Every once in a while there would be a great wind that would come up, and I would just freeze. Diane got her picture drawen by one of those artist who are great at doing it fast, and making it look like your self. I had no desire to do it though. Meanwhile I chased a dog around because I was trying to get a picture of him for Callie, but without creeping our the owner, and the dog wouldn't stay still. It's the thought that counts though. The tower was fun. We didn't go up to the observatory deck. There was just fun stuff to do on the base, and our view was great, and not worth five dollars to go up even higher. There was a great Indian show which kind of confused me, but I was cold once again, and slightly non verbal because the cold had effected my speech so I didn't ask anyone why there was a Indian show in Korea. After we had enough of the the tower we hiked down. All the way down. It wasn't to bad just a lot of stairs that were all different sizes and distances apart. I knew I would be regretting it the next day. After we went and grabbed something to eat. Then we went to do some shopping and didn't buy a thing, but did lots of more walking! later we called Pania a girl from the english ward and decided to meet up with her for dinner. We went to the subway stop we thought was where we were supposed to meet her, but Diane got us lost! After talking to Pania I knew exactly where we were, and where we were supposed to go. I felt great about this because I went the whole day without using the subway map again, and I got us unlost. I finally feel like I know what I am doing here in Korea. After chilling at Pania's for a while we went to dinner at Outback Steak House(we all decided western food would be good. We had all had our fill of Korean for the day). It was my first Outback experience, and it was a good one. Food was great, and I loved our waitress she was a sweet heart! We were there for two hours just talking, and having a great time. After dinner we split up with Pania, and headed home. Diane lives on the same side of the river as me so it's great because she rode almost the 3/4 of the way home with me. Before we got on the subway we found this little hut shop, and I was surprised it was still open at 10 at night. I bought 3 great scarfs, and 3 pairs of semi-tacky earings for less than 15 dollars. Yep you better believe it. Great deals here in Korea! No odd twitches, and throwing my purse across the subway tonight though so that was good. I went to the store across the street to get a 1L of water before sunday. The man in there is always so nice to me but always tries to speak Korean to me even though he know's I don't understand a word! One day my friend one day. Then I went home, and crashed. My short body was so tired.
Here are the pictures that follow...
A)Dog just for Callie
C)Peacing it on the top
D)Feeling real short
E)My thought process was "want some"
F)Diane, Me, and Pania at Outback


E) F)


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