Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Seeing some sights & awkward moments

First of all Stefanie update your blog! I need updates!
Tuesday was tons of fun, and just full of awkward moments, but I will only share a few. First I talked to Dad on skype which wasn't awkward. I had to go because I was going to meet Diane in Sinchon to go, and watch the ceremonial changing of the guard. Adam, and Dad said that it was just basically a parade, but it wasn't! The whole morning was great, and the ceremony was great. Our tickets also got us into the palace and which was great. It only cost 1,000 won! Entertainment in Korea is so cheap I love it. After our photo shoot in the palace, and the ceremony we headed to Namdaemun because Diane wanted to look around. Good thing I had been there before because we both would have been lost, and late for work if I didn't have such a good sense of direction. Dang I am good. I didn't get anything, but I walked past the purse hut again, and I was so tempted to get another one, but for some reason I felt so weird going back, and trying to haggle another purse. Speaking of my purse it is a big success among the Korean women. They were all so proud of the price that I got it for, and just loved the purse overall. I felt successful. Well after our quick jaunt through Namdaemun we both headed for work. I hadn't eaten anything at this point so I decided to go, and grab a chicken kabob thing. Well I didn't understand what the man was asking me, and he ended up putting fire sauce on my chicken for the marinade. I guess he wanted me to pick out which sauce I wanted when he was pointing at them all and talking to me in Korean. I guess just nodding doesn't always work because that sucker was hot, and seriously brought tears to my eyes. Work was okay. I really am starting to feel my ear getting not better. It hurt yesterday, and I just sat at work hating life, and wanting to gnaw off my ear. How's that for a visual? I taught class early because there was some meeting going on that everyone wanted to go to, but I opted out because I didn't feel good. Before class I went and rented a movie, and grabbed some ramen from a GS mart. I always walk through this electronic store to go back towards the office, and one of the boys there always tries to practice his English and talk to me. I just wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone yesterday though so I just put my head down, and didn't acknowledge him. Well I just looked dumb because when I went to open the double doors I tried to open the wrong one, and I didn't stop when it didn't open so I just ran right into the glass door. Teach me to be rude to the guys in the electronic store. After class I went right home, made some ramen, and watch my movie. It was the Pacifier by the way. Vin Diesel is so dreamy! Well that's enough of me being weird. I was going to update last night, but once again I fell asleep at the computer. No weird L's when I woke up this time just me on the floor once again confused about why I was there. Wednesday was once again loads of fun. I went with Stacy to the Folk Village which ended up being a great trip. We ended up getting free admission to The National Museum of Korea. It was nice. Tons of history of Korea some of which I just didn't care for, but some was pretty neat. When we left the museum there was another changing of the guard I guess they do it two places I am just one lucky duck. We didn't watch it though because we went to buy our tickets to the Folk Village well right next to the ticket booth there was this little stand to dress up like an old palace guard. I of course took this chance to be a nerd, and dress up. Actually getting dressed was the most awkward situation I was in the whole day though. I didn't know how to wrap the dress so the guy who was running the stand started dressing me, and it was just odd, but I didn't know what to do but just stand there, and take a picture with me to capture the moment. Stacy wouldn't dress up because she thought that it was to embarrassing, but I just thought it was great. Well after playing dress up we walked through the Palace which once again didn't plan on doing, but it was fun. Stacy got us lost, and we ended up walking for forever, and up, and down stairs it was hilarious though. Once we got to the Folk Village we had a great time. There was no shows like everyone said there would be, but that was okay. We went to the side where the kids games are, and played with the old Korean toys. I have no idea how kids used to play with so of those things, but it was sure a good time trying to figure it out. Stacy wanted to go to Insadong so we were off. Everyone told us to just catch a cab and that we did. When we flagged down the cab she started laughing because she thought it was just like a movie. I just thought it was great because I was thinking the same thing. Insadong was fun but the colder that it got the more my ear started to hurt. So after some walking around we headed for the yuk. Well we took this weird route that brought us into the barrio of Korea. For some reason both Stacy and I were looking down, and when I looked up we were in front of a butchers truck, and the back was open. Well there was just 6 dead pigs hanging there. I didn't know what to do so I just stared, and then looked away and started saying oh my gosh oh my gosh. Stacy finally looked up, and did the same. For some reason neither one of us thought to move. I finally did when she did, and grabbed my arm. Poor little piggies(well they weren't little). I kept thinking of when we found that little pig, and Mom decided to rescue it, and we had a little black pig as a pet. I don't think we ever decided on her name, but Saturday night dinner wasn't funny. I liked Beans, and she sure did look good with her hot pink collar. Anyways I just couldn't get her little piggy face out of my mind. Well after my traumatizing experience we caught the subway home. I planned on going to English class, but still not feeling so hot. I fell asleep on the subway. I am telling you more, and more Korean everyday! I don't know if this happens to everyone but sometimes when I fall asleep in an awkward position or when I am not supposed to I twitch. Well twitch I did, and I threw my purse clear across that subway no joke. It was just way embarrassing. For the most part the past two days have been great! I am really not enjoying this ear ache though. It doesn't seem to be getting better, and it is just starting to hurt! I don't want to go to the doctor, but it looks like a bigger possibility everyday. Well I hope that you enjoy the following pictures! Until tomorrow! =)

Well I felt as awkward as I look

Korean Drummer Me
Just pondering
I call it the Korean King
10 pts for Stacy for taking this one
Definetly my proudest moment.
Just thought I would make it more awkward, and capture the moment


BrittanyB said...

you crack me up with your photo shoots! Love It ;)

Alicia Dolores said...

I bet that ear of yours hurts more after you've been outside. you should try tucking a piece of cotton into your ear. the cold air is probably making it hurt more. at the least, wear those cute little ear muffs you bought when you go outside.