Friday, July 8, 2011

Spirit Week Relay & Some Family. Lots of Adam.

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50 Lap-Relay

Mom, Dad, Adam, & Bradon coming into town to pick up Sophia (Dad's pick up).

Every couple of semester BYU-Idaho does a spirit week 50-lap relay. For the past few years our ward has always competed. This semester we went the them of NERDS and ran with it. This is our group at the beginning of the race. I think we dressed sooo appropriately for the event. We alternated boy, girl, boy, girl and just had a blast with this event. I personally enjoyed the chance to wear whatever just felt right. You can't see it great here but my outfit = nerdy nerdy nerdy. I had a sign on my back that said kick me. Emma, as always, dressed the part but looked great and pulled it off beautifully. She ran the first lap of our race and was such a good competitor, which normally she is not. Way to go champ! Anywoo! There are over 100 wards here at BYU-Idaho and our ward took 2ND place! I'll admit, in the past I've tried to cheat to win (believe it or not) and we've always ended in like 15th or higher. This time though I was sooo distracted by everything going on, and our lack of boys, that I did not have time to tell everyone to cheat and we finished 2ND! I could not have been happier. I still don't really believe that cheaters never prosper but I can see how playing fair helps.
These are just a few (of the MILLION pictures taken) of my highlights.
Some of the girls all ready to run and in their NERD bests.
Danny Morgan. Good runner. Better Nerd. Best friend! Danny made me laugh the whole time that he ran his lap because he was so happy the entire time and ran with this wig on. He always just does it right. Kevin (Ronald McDonald) and Jake (another sick wig) running together. Jake helped Kevin run because he was wearing this Ronald head and could barely see. As Kevin ran around the track people went nuts! They loved this sooo much and Kevin was definitely a highlight of the night. They even announced "give it up for Ronald McDonald (insert people going crazy) on the PA system.
Remember how I mentioned earlier that we had a lack of boys? Well, enter my two heroes! Adam (brother) and Bradon Ray (Bobby Rays real brother, and my favorite adopted little tall brother). We were short just a few boys and Adam and Bradon sooo gladly stepped up to the plate. Which means that we peer pressured them into running for us.
They got into town (after their 20 hour drive to Idaho which is another blog in and of itself), unloaded the car, checked into their hotel room, changed into their clothes, and came to the relay. Such troopers!!!
They each ran one lap and did soo good. Adam did not so much love the fact that he had to run 1/4 of a mile with his asthma and the Idaho altitude but he did however love the fact that he could flirt with all of the college girls, which he did. Bradon, not so concerned with flirting, but more concerned about beating Bobby's time which he did. He was like a Gazelle.
We took this picture after they were all done running. I was soo happy that they could participate and had so much fun sharing a college experience with my brother(s). I hope to one day be as tan as Adam. One day Adam, one day.
After the boys ran we headed out early to get dinner because everyone was STARVING apparently and just couldn't wait. Literally Mom and Emma were whining because they both thought they were going to die of fatigue. Not the case guys. So, we ended up missing this final picture but here is the team at the end of the relay. Good job guys!
Like I've briefly mentioned some of my family was in town this weekend to pick up my Dad's truck that I've had up at school since August. She's had some problems so I've had two cars in Rexburg since April. I was sooo excited to have everyone here with me and Emma. My Dad and brothers have not been here for two years and I just LOVED having them here so much.

Me, Emma, Bobby and his fiance Kelsie all went to dinner with my family. We had a blast! I forget sometimes, because I've been away from home so long, how much I love spending time with them. My parents truly are two of my best friends and Adam is one of those too and has the funniest personality of anyone I know. We ate and then just sat at the restaurant and talked for another hour. The place was pretty much closing down around us but we just kept talking.

By the time we left the restaurant it was around 11 and Mom & Dad were pretty tired after their road trip so we went back to my complex and split up. Renee & X went back to the hotel. Bradon Adam, Emma, and I went to Sammy's for pie shakes.

After that Bradon went with Bobby, while Emma, Adam, and I went and hung out with my friends.

But while driving and taking some wrong turns we found this beauty. Which of course Adam HAD to plank on. With a car full of girls we thought we were going to get arrested but Adam didn't care and climbed it anyways.I'll admit, I was a little nervous about how Adam was going to feel around people all years older than him and his best friend not being with him, but he was great! I was the proudest older sister. He mingled, made friends, made good impressions, told jokes, and was completely confident. We hung out for hours and had a blast! We even got into a wrestling match with each other which made me feel right at home with him there. I love that as me and my siblings all get older we stop acting like siblings and more like friends.

Adam and Bradon both stayed the night at Bobby's (once again me stressing out and Adam not caring). The boys (my boys, like the boys I hang out with always) have this thing where they go to Ramirez, a local taco place that is the latest thing open in Rexburg, after curfew on Friday nights to chat and have some delicious food. Stephani Ray my roommate and Adam have this special bond after Steph came and stayed a week with my family. When Adam first got into town Steph was on a date which made Adam not so happy with her. When we got home that night Steph said that she HAD to see Adam right away and did not care where he was. So, Steph and I got in the car and went to Ramirez with the boys. That is the picture below.Once again, proud sister when I saw Adam mixing and mingling with all of the boys I hang out with daily. He's so confident and it wigs me out!

The next morning Emma and I went to my parents hotel room and enjoyed some nice time with them. We just lounged around for a while and talked about our lives and how things were changing in all of our lives. Emma needed Mom time and I need some Dad time. So, we both got exactly what we needed.
We then went out for a bite to eat, at the great Sandwich shop Millhollow and then went and met up with my friends who were playing a great game of sand volleyball. Adam once again stepped up and played like a champ with all the people there. He's quite the athlete I guess.

After the game everyone got to meet my parents. It was so great to have all of my friends meet them and for my parents to finally put names with faces of people I've been friends with for years now. Having my real family and my Idaho family meet was the greatest thing. I think both parties really enjoyed it. Mom also fell in love with some of the boys that I spend my time with and to this day can't get over why I'm not in love with all of them.

Because of the traumatic experiences it was getting up here my parents wanted to get on the road asap. We went back to my complex and loaded the truck onto the trailer. Most of the boys who played and even some who couldn't make it came to help my Dad load the truck. It was the nicest thing! Both my parents were super impressed and I was super grateful. I sure couldn't do it.

It was then time for my parents to leave but not before my family and friends all talked for another hour in the scorching sun and my roommates and I shuffled with Adam.

Finally it really was time for them to leave. We said our quick byes and love yous and off they went. Not before we planked Sophia though.

She was a good truck and taught me lots. Life lessons have been learned in this Ford truck. I'm really not being sarcastic either. Thank you Sophia for being so great to me. You are missed daily. I know that there are no picture of my parents being here but they were. I promise.

It was great having them here no matter how brief it was. I could not have needed it more and could not have been more grateful to play with Adam. He's such a stud. Thank Mom & Dad for the world wind visit!

You may also be asking yourself "what is shuffling?" Well here it is. Please follow the link.


BrittanyB said...

I love all the blogging going on with your family lately. It may be the competitiveness coming out in you all and making sure you are not behind in blog-land, but whatever it is, I like it. Please perform the Shuffle at your next ward talent show.

Renee said...

Good blog!!! Good times!!! We love spending time with you girls. Your a good egg!!!

AdamV. said...

Who is this Adam Person you keep talking about? He sounds like quite the stud.