Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We throw food for fun

A few weeks ago while brainstorming ideas for ward activities Jacob looked at me and said "I think we should just do a massive Food Fight!" I laughed and then realized he was completely serious and that this was something that we were doing because Jacob was excited and loved the idea. We set the date and the activity was under way.

Activities provided flour, refried beans, and crushed tomatoes. Everyone who participated was asked to bring whatever food they would like to throw in the food fight.

I got off work at 5. Grabbed my roommates and headed to the dollar store where we got ammo for the fight. Things we purchased = Italian dressing, powdered sugar, pudding, syrup, oil, pie filling and some other weird weird things. We then went to the activity. This is our before picture. Those water guns. Full of oil. We're creative I think.

Admittedly I was very worried about how people would feel about this activity but we had a warm reception to the idea. My roommates and I met up with our ward and then led the troops outside of town so that we could have our food fight and hopefully not get arrested or a citation.
This may or may not come as a surprise but in the past year I have had cops and many many security guards show up to many of the activities because of what we were doing. This time we were cautious. And by cautious I mean smart and went outside of town-ish.
Anyways, once we got to the park we split into teams. Made alliances. And took a team before pic.Then the festivities began. I ran around the outside and snuck up on the opposite team from behind. It's all about strategy really. Flour went everywhere! It was like a cloud of flour. As thing progressed they just got grosser and grosser (made up word). Obvious by the mayo in the air this was serious.Julia really really like the ketchup bottle and rightfully. I mean look at her. She was so gross and I felt a wee bit bad for her. Things began to slow down and we then had time to admire each other.This is Emily. I love this girl. (I even went on a road trip with her which means a lot) She was soo grossed out by this and you can completely see that in this picture. I think that I would be grossed out too if you could make a full Italian dinner with everything that she was wearing food wise.

These are some of the people after the actual fight. You can't say that you're not impressed.

This was our after the battle roommate picture minus Emma because she immediately ran to the water to rinse off. We all felt gross and you can see why. This picture just makes me happy.

After we all rinsed off we took this picture. Reasons I love it? One thing. Kris Burgess. Creeping into this picture shirtless.Reasons I wouldn't do it again? I think I still have powdered sugar and refried beans in my ears and hair and my clothes will forever smell like corn gross gross. I am glad that we did this. I've always wanted to do a huge food fight for some reason. I loved every second of it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


BrittanyB said...

That is so gross it's amazing.

Renee said...

And to think all I ever wanted was a princess!!

AdamV. said...

Alexis, I thought it was cool, Mom's a fun sucker!

beththewise said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! obviously youre the best activities committee ever.