Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flash Dance Moment

This one is for you Mom.
So Monday night was our ward Closing Social (not really our closing since we're doing mud football tonight and a dessert Linger Longer on Sunday but whatever). After the social we all came home and underloaded my car from the last closing social I will be in charge of.
As I was unloading my car I found a water jug from the weekend that Emma and I failed to finish. All of my roommates plus a few on lookers (8+ people) where standing on my balcony when I looked at Emma and said
"what if I just pour this over my head all sexy like?"
Well, everyone started yelling for me to do it.

My own personal Flash Dance Moment.
One thing led to another and this happened.
I thought no one had a camera but I can't get that lucky.

I don't really know why I did it or what possessed me to but it happened.
Not sexy at all really.
Funny more than anything. Eventually, about 30% of the girls in our ward came out and wondered what was going on so they as well go to share in the magic as well. This picture makes me a little embarrassed but apparently not embarrassed enough not to post it. Reason it's for you Mom? "All I ever wanted was a Princess Alexis, but I got you." Me in response: "I know Mom, one day we'll get there!" Looks like we've still got a long way to go. Somethings just feel right.


brynne said...

stop iiiit hahahahaaahahahahaahahaha

BrittanyB said...

I think the picture missed the part where you shook your hair out and made the sexy face.

ReneeandX said...

OMG I hope she didnt do that!!! A little princess .. too much to ask?

Alexis said...

Brynne, I don't really know where it comes from! It just happens. Britt & Mom. It happened. Mom, it's not really too much to ask I'm just a princess in a unique