Monday, June 6, 2011

Who would have thought.....

that I'd ever blog again? Count me among that group of non-believers. Don't get me wrong, I love to blog but I kind of fell off the band wagon a while back (2 years ago, rough estimate) and then couldn't quit figure out how to get back on it but due to a recent school assignment and a roommate who loves to take pictures here I am!

Well things on my end have been just great. I'm still at BYU-Idaho, on the 10 year plan apparently. I have recently changed my major (surprise, surprise) to Recreational Management with an emphasis in Therapy. I LOVEEE IT! Last semester was full of great memories such as the following.

rock climbing, which I like to enjoy once a week now because of my outdoor class and especially loved because Ashlynn came up and visited one week and we got to share this fun little activity together.

Moose Hockey games in Jackson Hole, WY. I can't explain the Canadian flag. Somethings just happen.Activities. I'm still helping with them in my ward. Going on the fourth semester and I love all of the crazy people I get to work with. Apparently we all wanted to wear the same colors just in case we took a picture.
and new friend making (like Erica on the left) but I still kept the same best one, Emma. I like to think that Emma is like cheese (I can't use the wine reference), she just gets better with age!

Last semester was of course get and filled with great memories. This semester however, I think is even better! I just love the summer and being outdoors and because of my major and just life in general I get the best of both all the time! Like the Ropes Course RS activity we just had. I get to shoot. Pure recreation. I know I'm not shooting here but my face says how I feel about the whole thing and I am a really good at throwing clay pigeons despite what some may say.

I have 5 pretty ok roommates, okay, they're all pretty great. As a whole we make for one crazy apartment. The poor sweet, sweet girls below us could testify.Everyone just looks so proper in their Sunday apparel. and for right now that is it. There is much more to report I'm sure but too much to put into one post. Like Emma turning 21 and our fun filled weeked trip to VEGAS, Ashlynn making the decision (finally) to go to Colorado for the Fall and nanny then come to BYU-Idaho, or everything else that happens daily here. More to come soon because now I have a drive to finally do this.


BrittanyB said...

I'm shocked, and amazed, but not holding my breath. I'll believe you have returned when I see another post soon.

Shandy Lynn said...

officially stalking you. keep blogging.