Monday, April 13, 2009

Famous In a Small Town

Okay guys, I'm home! Emma and I flew into LAX late Thursday night. I tried to update my blog before I left Rexburg, but it just didn't happen. Anyways, I'm working on a real blog right now, but I'm posting this one to tide you over until it's up. Here's the deal about the video, Emma took a guitar class this past semester. She went from not know how to play an instrument, to playing and singing the guitar at the same time. Way to go Emma! Her last assignment in the class was to preform in the talent show thing in front of the whole class. So, she finally decided on a song, but then realized that she didn't want to sing it by herself. So she pulled the best friend card and next thing I knew I was singing with Emma in front of a room full of people. Don't let me full you, I didn't mind, and I loved singing with Emma. The song we did was "Famous In a Small Town" by Miranda Lambert. The song is cut down for time reasons. You can tell that we mess up a few times, but it all went good, and we had a good time with it. PLEASE keep in mind that we're not singers anyone who's sat by us in church or a concert or just riden along with us in the car can atest to that. This was just for fun. Enjoy!


Lindsey said...

I love you guys! That video made my day!

BrittanyB said...

you guys rock. . . as in C T R!!!

Just The Three Of Us said...

I loved it!! Britt and Lindsey said it best!!! :)

Kelsie Maher said...

hahaha, love it! and I totally figure your title of the blog was just because you were back in bako, and lets face it.... you are famous there :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, I freakin love you guys! That was ah-mazing!1 <3

Kacey and Lacy said...

you freakin dorks

Anonymous said...

I miss you so much!

Courtney said...

Dear Alexis. If you had gotten pregnant the last time you updated your blog, you would be having a baby right now. Seriously, its time for an update. hahahaha! LOOOOOVE YOU

Anonymous said...

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