Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So when I say that I have things to catch up on I am serious! SO here goes.
The Spartan Race.
Since about February, my good friend Matt has been obsessed with the idea of doing a Spartan Race. The Spartan is a race that can be anywhere from 3-15 miles long, with 10+ obstacles during the race. It's nuts!
Finally in July the time for the Spartan had arrived. Matt assembled a team of 15+ people who all decided to join in the Spartan fun. For the record, I was not part of this team, I was on the cheerleading team for this event. The team consisted of people in our group of friends new and old. Three of the boys on the team came from each coast for this little friendship reunion which I loved. We all spent the weekend with Matt's family and stayed up later they most should have for running this race the next day but ooooh well.
After everyone went to bed Laurel, Cara, and I stayed up late to make signs for the runners which are not pictured. The following morning, after a breakfast for champions, we headed out for the race and were out of the house by 7:30 am. Probably shouldn't have made all those signs because we were feeling it.
We finally got to the location in Midvale, UT and took in all the Spartaness. This place was crazy and filled with plenty of attractive men walking around without their shirts on so don't worry about that, energy, and the "Spartan Spirit". We took one big group picture, wrote some numbers on our team, and off they went.
Aside from running 8+ miles these were the obstacles that they had to finish and if they could not they had to do burpees. Here are the obstacles from what I gathered:
1. jump over a wall, then run under a net rope
2. over a wall, under a wall, through a wall, then repeated again
3. shoot a gun
4. climb a net rope thing
5. over a 6. foot wall, then 8 foot wall, then a 10 foot wall
6. balance boards
7. balance on logs as you try to get across
8. cinder block carry
9. rope climb
10. carry a tire
11. rubrics cube
12. monkey bars
13. javelin throw
14. some weird wall slicked down with soap that you had to climb and slide down the other side 15. mud crawl under bared wire
16. fire jump
17. mud pit swim
Like I said, I just was just a cheerleader so I had fun watching them do all of these things.
So here is my photo documentation of this event.
All of the runners
Everyone that went! Runners and cheer squad
Matt and I. This is what I did all day long. Wrote the runners numbers wherever they wanted it. I seriously loved this job.
Matt, Me, Kris, and Tyler just bonding and prepping for the race. I was the motivator as well I'd like to think.
There were only three girls that ran but these are all of the girls that went
Emma = Runner Laurel and I = biggest fans Emma really is just sooo hardcore.
Some of the boys right before the race. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that all of the boys cut their hair in mohawks and tried to grow beards for this event. Super proud.
After the event started we had time to get to know/take picture of the Spartans that hit you with the q-tip things as you run across that finish line. They loved us.
Some obstacles
Team Horkleys
Proud finishers. Just displaying their manliness
After the race the runners and spectators got to eat, dance, listen to music, get free drinks, and sign the contestant walls. Once again, soo proud.
Finally after a long, hot, sweaty, tough, and fun day full of memories it was time to go home. But, not before taking this beauty.
Everything said and done this was seriously one of the highlights of the summer.
We had so much fun this weekend and all were participants in some way. Such a fun memory. This was one of the first times I got to cheer on Emma in something like this and I enjoyed being on the side but only for a bit.
We've decided, well I've decided and made Adam decided too, that we are doing a Spartan in November 19 in Malibu, CA. Some of the people pictured will come and participate too. It will be a fun event and I seriously can't wait.
I was glad I had the chance to go to this and cheer on all of my friends. They really are just Spartan Strong.


Julia Farmer said...

ya baby! seriously so fun. so are people doing the one in malibu? I will need to hear about this, also, I'm part of the street team, so I can totally get you $10 off when you sign up for it! let me knoww :)

Stephanie said...

Pissed you didn't include me when you wrote about the sign making committee because I was up with you all night for that shiz and you trying desperately to figure out something funny to write for Josh's birthday card. So basically, in summary, I just miss you.

Anonymous said...

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